A shared dream or something else?

I guess that many people have already discussed shared dreams here (I’m too lazy to scroll through all the topics… ), but I’m wondering, what is counted as a shared dream actually? Does it always have to be so, that two persons have the excactly same dream at the same time?
And what are those other kinds of “telepathic dreams” then? Is it possible to go into other people’s dreams, or somehow call them into yours?

I’m thinking about this, because something weird happened in my dream.
Well, I was (and I still am) going to visit a person, whom I don’t know very well yet, and because I’m quite shy I’ve been a bit nervous about that for several days.
I just played with the thought, that it would be nice to chat with her in a dream before seeing her face to face :tongue: :tongue: Because I think that in dreams people are more like themselves, not pretending anything or feeling shy.
Well, but I was just having those thoughts for fun, I never thought that it could actually happen, and I didn’t try any special tricks to make it happen.

But last night I had a dream, where I was at my place with an other friend. I was lying on my bed, and she was on a mattress on the floor, like in a pajama party.
I became lucid (if you can say so) and remembered that friend, whom I had been thinking about. I thought: “why am I having a dream about her (the other friend), and not the friend that I actually wanted to meet in a dream?”
Not immediatly, but soon after that, the friend in question (the one I don’t know well, and who wasn’t there yet) just popped up right in front of me out of nowhere.
I startled, cause she was suddenly just a few centimeters away from my face! (we both were now lying on my bed). She grabbed my shoulders quickly, like if she was shocked, and asked with an almost angry voice:
-Why did you call me here in the middle of the night?!
I was so amazed by the fact, that she actually had appeared there, just like I had wished, that I didn’t know what to answer. I just jumped down from the bed and and started to cheer (or something like that) and talk about how amazed I was.
Then she suddenly disappeared, just as suddenly as she had appeared.

This could of course be just a normal dream, but there are a couple of things, that make it weird:
-The way how she literally popped up from nowhere - that sounds like a thing that can happen in dreams, but at least for me it has never happened before! When people have “popped up” in my dreams, it has happened in a smooth an blurry way, that seems natural in the dream.
-The fact that we both were so shocked (if she was just a product of my imagination, I guess there would be no reason to be that surprised).
-The words that she said, and the fact that when I didn’t reply, she disappeared.
-It was a very strong experience, and felt totally real.

I don’t know if I dare to ask her about her dreams… but if she talks about them and tells me that somehting like this happened to her, that will prove it, and creep me out, besides! :eek: :eek:
What do you think?

I think that there really is no way of knowing unless you ask her. I’m not very experienced in LD’ing but I know a lot about it.

That does seem kind of creepy, but soap is right, if you really want to know, man up and ask her. Its really not that big of a deal. And also, do you like the person? Doesnt happen anymore but a couple of years back when I really liked someone she kept popping up in my dreams randomly the same way you described. Its really nothing, just a figment of your imagination. And I dont really beleive in SDs. If you can prove to me that you had one, ill eat my head.