a staying there technique

You know , like spinning or rubbing hands.
its DANCING. Any kind of dancing i guess , but you have to move a lot of parts of your body , especially legs and of course arms , and it better not be slow .

Ooh, nice! Thanks for the tip, I’ll try to remember this next LD I get.

/me sets himself a new quest: to dance.

Yeah I will try to dance , it look fun ! :smile:

hehe sounds like a tech for Siiw ^^

Why are you calling you Siiw and not ZeroskyX ? lol

I don’t think hes calling himself Siiw. Hes calling Siiw Siiw (im guessing this si because she likes to dance).

It sounds interesting. :cool: Focusing on a sensory impression from the dream world works well for me, either it is singing loudly or grabbing something and feeling it. Has it worked well for you, Hindi? It is fun to pull off impossible moves in a dream, it would be great if it helped with staying lucid too.

Screaming “Hey I’m in I’m here yo yo yo” usually helps me. :grin:

yes it works for me.

[size=200][color=red]I love dancing!!![/color][/size]:boogie:

Why didn’t I think of that?

Great idea! I’m going to break dance!

Ooh, cool idea! I’ll definitely try that one out the next time I get lucid! Thanks so much for the tip! :happy:

Just make sure you are dreaming first, or you could look mighty silly :mrgreen:

lol, good advice.

Good tip, would’ve never thought of that myself. :wink:

Well it’s a good thing I’m here then, or there could be a lot of dremers going around dancing like idiots in public. Noth that there’s anything wrong with that, of course :tongue: .