A strange dream-The Earth's Core

Hi. I have a question. This morning I had a really odd dream. I don’t know whether it was a normal dream, lucid dream or something else. Here’s my dream.

I’m trying to sleep. After a while, I think when I’m about to enter a dream, my whole body starts to vibrate. Now I have no idea why this happened because I’ve never experienced this before. So I say to myself I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. I feel maybe I’ll see some strange patterns and then appear in a dream fully aware of my surroundings.

I appear in a city, which in fact is my kitchen. A woman is there. I ask her for some bread in exchange for a dollar note. Then, I come to the main city. My friend Sherman is with me. I certainly want to fly but this isn’t the best place for it. It’s fully crowded with people. There’s a long staircase from the bottom leading to somewhere higher and lots of people are going up and down.

Suddenly I’m in space flying at full speed. Quite fast, actually. At this point, the vibrations return to my body. even more intensely. I feel like my body is being pulled in all directions. Even my front teeth is shaking. Something beautiful is taking place. Parts of the Earth is splitting apart and floating away gracefuly, revealing the core of the Earth. It’s brown, orange and yellow. I’m flying towards the core. I think maybe I’ll fall into the core of the Earth, and that’s when the lucid dream begins.

Well, in the end, I’m not sure if I reached the core, but my long awaited first ever ’ real ’ lucid dream never came :cry:

Sorry for the long post. But does anyone know why I was experiencing the vibrations during the dream? Anyone experienced this kind of sensation before? Is this an ND, or LD or something else? Thanks for reading.

Vibrations occur when your astral body is trying to leave your physical body. (Out of body experiences/astral projection) It’s a little more complicated then lucid dreaming.

I think you can also get vibrations when entering a WILD (if not, someone please correct me :grin: ) I’ve gotten them before bed and sometimes in the morning. THey usually just fade away for me… :sad:

I think it was a ND but you were pretty close! You were thinking about lucidity in it! Don’t give up man! you’re almost there! :wink:

(that sounded like a pretty cool dream, btw)

Thanks Wildnight, Mattias.
Wildnight, yeah, I’ve thought about astral projection or OBE, but I am pretty sure that was a dream. It might be though, I just don’t know about it.

Mattias, so I’l get vibrations even when I’m not doing WILD, kind of like unintentionally? Sounds cool. Because the whole night after waking from a dream I waited for almost 2 hours before I could sleep again. And I had this dream.I didn’t try WILD.

Oh. Thanks! My first real LD is just round the corner. Now I’m even more motivated by your words!!

I love this dream. Especially the earth core part. Like I was flying in space and witnessing the most beautiful thing ever. This dream only lasted a couple of minutes at most, but definitely worth it. Slept at about 7.20 woke up at 7.24.

If I’m not mistaken you were approaching a WILD :grin: unintentionally, yes. I remember once before I knew about LD’s I woke up in the morning and felt them while falling back to sleep. They kind of freaked me out a bit so I tried to wake myself up… :sad:

When lucidely flying i have several times fallen at high speed and about twice or more i’ve been (when staying lucid and keeping fear away) in places that have some links with each other.

So i wonder what other have seen after the fall phase.

An hypothesis is falling or starting to rotate (vortex like) is the way (forced or by will) changing places (teleport) manifests.