A strange feeling...

When I was little, I used to have this thing where I would be about to fall asleep, and then I get this strange feeling of pulling away from my bed, and it’s (the bed) floating in an immense room, up against a corner. The room is really dark blue, and then I pull away from he bed, and fly through a sorta door, and then fall asleep. Is this the hypnogogia stage?

Nowadays, I get this feeling like I’m in one of those flight trainers where you get spun all around, but I don’t fall out of bed, then I fall asleep.

I sometimes got a similar feeling when I was little, feeling like I was floating on or sometimes above the bed. I don’t know what you call it though.

Alas, I’m not so sure, do you feel numb? It could be a “side affect” of an OBE. Otherwise, it might just be SP. I get a feeling sort of like what you describe, except I feel totally relaxed and suddenly I get a falling sensation like I was just pushed off of a high building.

never happened to me

After exploring farther with some WILDs, I do believe that this is how my hypnogogic stage shows up. Later on, I do get some numbness, but I have always had the spinning.