A strange happening

Something very very strange occured. I was on vacation, and was staying at a hotel. I clearly remembered taking my comb with me, and the next morning, I combed my hair with that comb. The morning after that, however, the comb, which I had left in the room’s bathroom, disappeared. It was simply gone without a trace. I asked my parents if they had seen it, they replied that they hadn’t. At first, I thought one of the cleaning ladies stole it. :grrr:. For the next two days, I was without a comb; I had given up all hope of ever seeing it again. When I got home, however, I saw it lying by the sink in the bathroom. :eek: Believe me, I did alot of reality checks when I saw that, but it was all real. What do you guys think caused it to get there? It was almost as if it just spontaneously teleported, I can think of no rational explanation for it.

If something that actually happened doesn’t seem to make sense, it’s very likely that you’re missing some important details. Maybe you’ll realize something if you keep thinking about it, I don’t know.