A successful C-WILD or a dream about doing a C-WILD?

Last night I decided to try WILD with more of the intention of falling asleep than actually becoming lucid (being i always drift off into sleep with my WILD attempts). I laid there perfectly still on my bed and eventually started counting. My goal was to make it to 500 and then do a RC.

By the time i made it to about 150, I was beginning to forget exactly what the previous number i said was. I stopped for a few seconds and kept counting every time this happened, being sure not to keep myself TOO aware. At some point when i get close to 200 I stop counting for a bit again, but the next thing i remember was continuing from 400 for some reason :neutral: .

I kept counting up until about more or less 415 and made the conscious decision to stop and do a RC, just out of curiosity to see if i was dreaming. I struggle at first to move my arm and when i did the nose RC i found i could breath just fine! :happy: I wasnt able to do much after that, though.

I tried opening my dream eyes like…3 times and was only able to see little bits and pieces, as if my eyes were blocked with something cylinder-ish (being i could see like a circular outer rim and a little bit in the center) each time. I was able to get myself to lift out of my “real” body, so to speak, being i got that whole sensation that i was being separated.

Well my main questions are these:
-Was I actually successful in doing the C-WILD or did i fall asleep and enter a dream of me continuing my C-WILD with me fairly concious? (if thats even possible) :shrug:
-What was with the fact that i could barely move at all and the fact that I couldnt really see when i repeatedly tried opening my dream eyes?

-EDIT- I’m starting to think I should’ve posted this in the Quest for Lucidity section but oh well too late i guess :razz:

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Looks more like an OBE to me, because of the difficulties to exit your body, but it does sound like you were successful at something. :tongue:

Well, you may have just done a C-WILD while already in a dream, but what does it even matter if you become lucid :tongue: ? The thing with all forms of WILD is that they are supposed to put you straight into a dream, so you’re almost always going to end up doing it while in yo dream. That’s the point, you fall asleep and start dreaming!

I’ve noticed that WILD dreams, especially in the beginning are very rough and hard to control. I think it’s probably becase you’re still trying to figure out which body you’re actually in. If you can move to do the nose RC then you’re pretty much in the dream. I recommend you start rubbing your hands together until you feel stable and then try to simply roll out of bed. It can get confusing becuse you may end up feeling like you’re rubbing your RL hands in your RL bed, so do an RC from time to time to keep from doubting yourself. Congrats on the C-WILD!

Thanks a bunch Rhewin. :content: I was a bit skeptical because i didnt use WBTB or anything like that. I just put myself in bed and tried to fall asleep by attempting C-WILD. And what you said about figuring out which body I’m in makes sense. Even moving my arm to my nose felt a bit strange, and my nose felt a little numb when i pinched it. I’ll see what happens if i can pull this off again.
@brb: tbh im not much of a believer in OBEs xD but i suppose it had that kind of an element to it. the separation feeling i mean.

Haha Rhewin, it’s so understandable when you put it that way, you’re supposed to realize you’re in a dream while doing the WILD! Thanks for the pearl :content:

Besides AFanaticNewb, when you WILD, especially at the beginning of the night, it can take a while to get used to the new routine of… having a new body and everything :tongue: so a good way to go would be stopping and smelling the roses, getting more in touch with the new environment, getting a good hold of all your new senses, this kind of stuff. When the dream gets stable and vivid enough, you know you’ve done it :content:

:eek: tosxy? You mean you weren’t eaten by wolves???

Guess the wolves only ate the ‘s’ :tongue:

AFanaticNewb, I have that a lot. Kind of a mixture of WILD and DILD. You’re WILD’ing but you lose enough awareness to not notice the transition. It has it’s good parts! and congrats

Well, I did have a LD or two with a wolf, but no, they’ve been quiet so far :content:

Just a little temporary joke from here :lol:

@mattias: ahhh i see. :yes: thanks!