A sudden "explosion" when becoming awake in a dream

A couple of years ago I’ve had a lucid dream. There was one special thing in that dream that stuck very firmly in my memory, a weird feeling, something like a sudden shock or “explosion” inside, blasting every cell of my dreaming body in the very exact moment of realizing that I was dreaming. I believe that it was the only real lucid dream I’ve ever had. Now my question for you is: do you ever experience something similar when you become awake in your dreams?

Upon attaining lucidity most people get a surge of strong feelings, usually in the form of excitement. I think exploding is a bit more rare, at least it’s never happened to me, but in the end it’s probably the same thing.

I see that as a good sign. This overwhelming sensation is proof that your mind really, truly understands what’s happening. Because let’s be honest: becoming aware inside a dream is a really wicked and awesome concept when you’re coming from a world of movie-like and auto-pilot dreams only, as is the norm for all the other non-lucid dreamers.

Usually the initial blast becomes weaker with every lucid dream you have as you get more used to it and the concept starts to sink in. But again, it’s not a bad thing. So unless it wakes you up immediately, it’s nothing to worry about.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the “surge of strong feelings”/“excitement” was probably the “explosion” that I’ve felt. I was never worried that it happened, I was amazed because it was nothing that I’ve ever experienced before. It’s good to know that you probably experience something similar more often and maybe can relate to or comment the following:

I’ve associated that unique feeling (the “explosion”) only with that one lucid dream (because I only had one). Until the day that something triggered it again, but this time I wasn’t dreaming, at least not in the classical sense. I had that feeling in reality, it’s like I’ve attained lucidity while already being awake.

There is more to this story but I’ll leave that for now.

I wouldn’t say that I experience that very often, only on some good lucid dreams many years ago. And I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the same sensation in waking life. But maybe somebody else has had different experiences? I’m also interested to learn about that and the circumstances and the trigger that caused it. It’s an amazing feeling after all. :mrgreen: