A test I could not do

Hi I had a dream last night where I was in the middle of a test and it was just weird… But I could not get Lucid. I got this information about the test on the guidelines of this platform. That tells me that am on my way to Lucid Dreaming. Is there any suggestion for me to follow tonight? Thank you any help would be amazing! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

The test was given by a guy that was passing weed and the test and other types of props. Some was about fashion and I just couldn’t understand what this test was about. Then a guy that was near me layingdoen for the test didn’t pass the props and kepts the weed. I new it was all so odd but I didn’t know how to be certain that I can be awake within the dream… Its like I new I should have looked at my hands but I was too entangled in the dream and trying to figure out how to finish the test. There was 10 or 5 minutes left and I didn’t have one question answered. They looked at me as if I could still do it because they knew I had the answers but at the same time they were doubtful… So when I woke up I remembered I had read about this test stuff in the guideline a few days ago and I roke up really happy. How can I proceed? TY :slight_smile:

Hello @eclare12,

Welcome to LD4all! :hugs:
If I understand your dream correctly then you were close to doing a RC in the dream, which is great for attaining lucidity. If you were in this situation in waking life, would you have done a RC? I think it’s important that you at least get your WL act together, or otherwise you’ll probably fail in the dream, too.

You see, as long as your dreams are not lucid and your running on auto pilot, there’s nothing you can really do in the dream to become lucid. All the work for lucidity must be done in waking life. At least until you gain consciousness in dreams, too. So if you’re in a situation where you wonder what to do or how to proceed, become aware that you need to do something IWL. And then imagine how it carries over into your dreams, kind of like prospective expectation, if that makes sense.

In your scenario I suggest you do some mental exercise: imagine the dream situation happening and how you should have reacted. Then analyze some dream signs in there and imagine how you will question reality whenever they pop up and manifest the intent to really do it. And important: if they pop up, really follow this intent. For example if tests are a thing for you, then actually do a RC whenever you encounter one. Don’t accept excuses to yourself along the lines of Oh I know this is reality.

You know you are doing the intent thing right if you feel a strong subconscious urge to check reality even if it doesn’t seem necessary. And then perform the check as consciously and doubtful of reality as possible.

If you share more details and progress of your dreaming adventures, then we can give you more advice and inspiration :content:

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Hi Marvin!
I am so grateful for you taking the time to write this. I am so excited about this! I read your note a few times. Thank you so much!
So taking tests is not my thing, however, I read it on the “Ye Old Guide” and it seems it stayed in my mind for a few days until it came out as a dream. That made me super happy because I can see a connection.
My usual thing is I need to go to the bathroom and I find a place where the toilet is either inside a crystal room and everyone can see or a bathroom without a door or something of this sort. I am now aware that this must be my trigger for a RC. And now that you mention that I must do this practice in my wake life then I shall pay attention. I am just so excited!!! I usually take on things that I want to do and carry through a system or follow up but with lucid dreaming it hasn’t been the case. I often start and then let it go. I need to create some type of system so that I can be consistent until I become lucid.

I do remember my dreams and do have a ton of them. Tonight I will start with the mental exercise you suggest. In fact here it is.

  1. I show up to a type of a room that is not a classroom it has beds… There are people lying down very casual but quiet
  2. There is a man passing out booklets with a copy paper and pot but it is not a joint is a kit to create one. Here is the second odd thing
  3. Then as he passes all the booklets, the guy a little in front of me doesn’t pass the booklet back to me, he keeps it and starts creating his joint - odd thing again. I don’t even do any drugs, so I would have never been in a place where they have this situation
  4. I get all crazy because I am not understanding what is going on and when they finally pass me the test there is only 10 minutes left so I am now fully aware that I will not make it. The man and another woman say you may make it, so I start looking into it and then I just don’t understand anything. I also am given a type of interesting device and it all has to do with fashion and the man tells me oh how cool you got the such and such, I really wanted that you are so lucky!
    Hahahahahahahha so it is all just hilarious but I see how nothing made sense

So as soon as I walk in, I would say to my self: This is not a test, this room is inappropriate for a test and then what happens? Look at my hands and see if they are solid? and then what happens after that? What do I focus on so I don’t get excited and let go of the lucidity…

Thank you again. I shall keep posting. With such support, I feel I will make it!!! :sunny:

I have read the old guide a couple of times throughout the years but I don’t remember anything in particular about tests :joy: But school is a very common dream theme. It’s probably linked to that.

Was this dream about the test different than what you normally dream about?

If you are confident that this dream was daytime residue from reading about LDs, then maybe you have more dreams about dreams already. That’s useful for probing your mind in the morning when grasping for dream recall and of course it’s an amazing dream sign. Imagine you’re telling a DC about lucid dreaming and they give you a puzzled look and suddenly you realize that you are already inside one! (When reading this, you should also do an RC…)

How long have you known about lucid dreaming and attempted to become lucid yourself?

Hi Marvin,

Yes the dream was totally different then what I usually have dreamt about. I never have dreamt of tests and much less joints… hahahahahah
My usual situation in a dream is that I need to go to the bathroom and I can’t find a private bathroom, or it is without a door. Etc.

What is a DC? I just can’t do a RC because I have not become lucid in the dream to be able to consciously do the RC.

It has been a good 4 years maybe even 5 since I started looking into this fascinating information. However, I have been in such a path that Lucid Dreaming has been kept aside. I started doing a routine and it would last 2 days or maybe 5 and then I would forget about it because of so much going on in my life…But it is my time now to allow this to be a part of me. I have a lot of questions and I am confident I will find them in LD and/or OBE.

Thanks for writing!


DC = dream character
It’s an abbreviation that we use to designate other people in a dream. I guess using this word kind of means recognizing they are not real people but products of our imagination. That’s what they usually behave like, too. They can also be super realistic, though.

That sounds so familiar! I can testify though that being engaged deeply and especially being engaged constantly is very useful to keep motivation up and stay on track. Plus it increases your chance.
If you can, just read a little about dreaming every day or every other day. Make some LD website your starting page. Collect a list of dreaming videos, books or just fantastic stories and consume a little before going to bed. Maybe must important: keep a consistent dream journal. Talk to people about dreams and discuss your dreams and experiences (for example on LD4all :shy:). If you feel you can trust them enough with this topic, then find a RL buddy and confide in them on your journey.

Just a few suggestions. But like I said, I’m convinced consistency is more important than intensity. Don’t burn yourself out and make sure there’s room in your life for reality, too. Not just dreams.