A theory I have (WARNING: may offend some people)

Basically, I had a thought. What if the bible was just a very old Dream Diary? Maybe Jesus was a lucid dreamer, and God could have been his SG. For me, it would explain a lot, such as the inconsistencies and the miracles.

For example, water into wine sounds a lot like something you would do in a Lucid Dream, as does the feeding the 5000 with a bucket of fish and bread, and also walking on water.

Jesus worked miracles, but did he do them in waking life, or in his head on a night?

This is NOT a topic to discuss the existence of God/Jesus or the credibility of the Christian faith, instead, it is to discuss this theory and any other theories about religion, and not whether we should believe in them.

Hm…it’s in 3rd person. They say “Jesus did this” and “Jesus did that”. If it were a DJ, it would be in 1st person. I think.

He may have written it in 3rd Person showing that he is writing about his dream self, not his waking life persona. Or maybe he wrote them all down somewhere else, and someone did another copy of them, but in 3rd person.

A bit far fetched, don’t you think? :eh:

When you think about it though, the whole story of the bible is a bit far-fetched. For example, the walking on water. Noah’s Ark, aswell. How can somebody make a boat so big it can fit 2 of every animal on it? It honestly all sounds like it could be a dream.

I honestly think the Bible is just one big lie, not a dream.

While I completely agree with Soragu there, it is an interesting way of looking at it. I don’t think it’s a DJ, but it’s always good to find a new perspective of things.

Well, I used to think the bible was the first novel. But, like it said in the first post, this isn’t a thread to discuss whether it is true or not.

It’s good to see you backing me up slightly, it may not be a DJ, but it might. If it was, it would explain a lot of stuff.

Yeah, it’s an interesting theory, I agree.

It’s an interesting theory, but I think jesus was a master of psi (you can make things levitate with psi, why can’t you make yourself walk on water?) and he didn’t just study the Jewish religion (why he went from like 6 to 30 in the bible, they left out his studies of the other religions) maybe he just knew more than why know now, because of our blissful ignorance, and that anything most people can’t do (even though they could if they tried) is seen as treason. Just my opinion on everything :smile:

Maybe Noah’s ark was a spaceship with the DNA of an entire planet stored relatively simply in a closet of modest size?

We are nearing the capability to do such a thing.

Yeah, we are nearing it NOW. 2000 years ago there was no such technologies.

Well i dont believe Noah’s ark ever excisted in the first place. And the bible is probably just a (waaaay) far fetched story.

Alright, lets see

Well, i don’t fully agree with Christianity, but i WAS raised Christian, so i like to think that at least they are doing some things right

That being said, i guess it wouldn’t hurt to play the devil’s advocate here.

Now, let’s see… Do i think that the bible might have been a DJ? no, definitely not. Doesn’t seem plausable to me.

Do i think the bible is one big lie? No. What an elaborate lie to think of. Nobody would spend that much time on a scheme that ends out bad for him.

Do i think the bible is far-fetched? Yeah, totally. But then again, you have to remember, you’re not supposed to take everything literally in the bible. You are supposed to interpret it in a way that you feel is correct.

So yes, the bible was definitely exaggerated. But is it a lie? No, i wouldn’t say that. Ever hear that a movie is “based on a true story”? Of course the movie isn’t exactly like the true story…

also, why would you be willing to die, just to keep up a lie? that doesn’t make any sense…

Fun fact that made me go :eh: . We were reading “The Epic of Gilgamesh” (did i say this already?), which would be around the same time Noah lived. There was a flood story in that.

Also, every so often, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers would flood all of Mesopotamia (where Noah would have lived).

Now, to Gilgamesh and Noah, this WAS the world. they had never been to Europe, Africa, America…

Also, not EVERY species of animal lived in Mesopotamia

but every species Noah and Gilgamesh knew of did

So who knows, that story might be more plausable then we think…

I believe the master of psi one to be correct. Even in the case of Moses, this could be true. It doesn’t make sense to part an entire ocean but if he and his followers truely believed it would work, what’s to stop it from happening? The collective power of human conciousness, not to mention the fact that it was a do or die situation of true desperation, could have been enough to part the sea.
I’m not a follower of any religion but I do believe a lot of the stories could be explained as having actually happened. Some parts may have been dreamt also. For example: I heard the theory that John wrote Revelation after taking some magic mushrooms. Of course, at the time of John’s revelation, it would have been common to associate hallucinogenic activities with visions from God.
So, parts of the bible could be true, parts could be exaggerated legends or stories with morals and other parts could be dreams and other experiences of altered conciousness through meditation, dreaming or the use of psychoactive drugs.

It would be near impossible for the Bible to be a huge dream diary, I think, due to its eloquence. When you write down your dreams in the morning, it’s not exactly high prose, is it? It’s quite jumbled, not to mention you are only writing to yourself, and thus use sentances and descriptions that you understand, but perhaps a third party would not. Also, the continuity of the Bible’s stories would make the DJ theory highly improbable. There are many contradictions in the Bible, despite what Christians would have you believe, but for the most part, all of the books agree with each other. All of us here know that most of the time, dreams hold an incredible discontinuity. This is why I think this is theory is impossible. The Bible is only a story of a man in the spirit.

That was linking in to something I forgot to mention. Maybe Jesus was a lucid dreamer, and he made a story out of his lucid dreams. God would be something like his SG.

I dont belive in Christianity in its Entirety nor do i in almost any religion but i must say god couldnt be his SG because god was already around before jesus all jesus did was take jewish belief and change it.

Exactly Daylight. Originally, when it was in Hebrew, it had quite some interesting and expressive poetry within it. When it got translated over into english, it lost that. Much like the Qur’an from Arabic.

The whole idea of this thread is so very offensive that I think I will go cry into the Shroud of Turin…

Just kidding of course. It’s an interesting idea, but I think it’s a funny one, that really shouldn’t be taken all that seriously.

Really? What makes you so sure that you can make a very bold statement such as that?


If we will very shortly be able to take all the life in the entire planet, store it in a small library, and fly it to another planet, don’t you think it completely possible that this could be how all life on OUR planet started, by the hands of an alien race of humans or human like beings?

What we know is so absurdly little, and what the education system tells us so vastly narrow… if we accept surface views we are almost always left in the dark.

This is likely what happened with the creation of Christianity, as Gnostic gospels were attacked and destroyed so that the Church could hold tyranny by establishing a consensus view of reality based upon one book and allowing only their eyes to interpret the contents of this book to many, many, for a long time.

When people say the Bible is a lie they don’t mean the apostles were lying, they mean that when it was all formed together in a book that there was a deliberate agenda behind its creation… that the same people that murdered Christ are the ones who created the religion we still follow, quelling a rebellion by using his name falsely.