A very interesting stage of sleep.Please read and reply!

Hi guys and girls,
Im new to this form,but i have been practicing lucid dreaming and everything alongside it for quite some time now.I’ve had many lucid dreams,some more,some less lucid and im also good at remembering them.
However,what i wanted to ask/talk about is another interesting stage of sleep that i have discovered to be quite interesting for me.
Me and my friend who has been trying to achieve this state too call this semi-dreaming.How i do this is i lay down,anywhere,any time of the day,and i put some music on.For example im laying at the beach and i put the phone right next to me which plays music.
So i listen to the music to have something to focus on,and my body just seems to be falling asleep.There have been times when it happens instantly,but whatever the occasion it never take more than 10-15 minutes.At first my hearing centre sort of focuses off - the phone that is next to me seems to be above me,and so with any othes sounds- the tv,people talking and so on. After this i suddenly find myself in a dream just like any other,but with only the diffenerce that i completely control my awakening,when i think ive had my good experiences for the time,is simply make the decicion and completely wake up and return to what ever i was doing before.
One time it took me about 20 seconds for everything - i closed my eyes and instanly i fas drifting in some dream land.I spent an entire day(in dreamtime) in that dream,and then decided to wake up,i was sure i fell into real sleep,but then i decided to wake up and tell my girlfriend about the dream,and she was all amazed because my eyes had been closed for only about 20 seconds.
Another time i was practicing the same method i had the TV playing,music from the computer and my mother was arqueing with my brother in another room.Suddenly all sound shut off,and i found myself in a visual light tunnel,yet completely aware that im resting on my bed once again in the semi’ - sleeping stage.Ithen decided to make a test and i thought on the sound that was there before,and my sound centre turned back on.Using the same method i once again turned it off and was back in this tunnel of light until i decided to wake up from it and go to scool.

Have any of you had a similar experience?Or can anyone say something about it?As i really am trying to get to know more about whats that state all about.

Hey Henriv !

That doesn’t sound too weird for me. I think you’re practicing MIWILD (Music Induced WILD). And those things that you’re getting are either HH’s or you simply enter the dream consciously which is nothing but a WILD. I quite envy you, because WILD worked for me too, but for some time now it doesn’t and I think I know why. The fact that you can enter the dream in just 20 seconds (up to 15 minutes) is amazing, as for my first WILD it took me more than 30 minutes.

But you are right, WILD should take only up to 10 minutes for experienced WILD’ers. For beginners it can take up to even 60 minutes. Why ? Because they focus too much on their real body. That a hard part. You shouldn’t be too aware, but also not to be not aware at all… looks like you got over that part.

Good luck with it and enjoy your WILD’ing talent ! :smile: