A vivid-closed eye experience

I have not been very comfortable thinking about what happened to me about a month or so ago and even more talking about it with someone because its something I can not mention in my house with there being a lot of understanding issues.

Here is what happened. I was relaxing in my bed, I have a very dark room that has no direct sunlight but has a window to an Arizona/Seperate room that leads to the outside. I was shutting my eyes when everything become so vivid. When my eyes where shut it was like I was looking into a window into another dimension. I saw a very strong color indigo that was very powerfully emotional. Out of this color indigo I could see my room, with my eyes shut, but it was not the same room as it seemed. In this color indigo there was a lot of things going on inside it, you know when you have a dark room and you are with friends or family and you start making shadows on the wall, well that is what was happening inside this color indigo. Next thing.

I saw also a calm white color, which i recognize as pure. After I saw indigo all these colors started to come to balance out this group of what seemed like unbalanced emotions.

I was then looking at what seemed to be a older roman or something to that cause grave, the stonehead had a book with words that when I looked at it I started zooming in to what seemed to be real paper that had roman numerical on it. I couldn’t really see what these numbers where because they were zooming and speeding up right before my eyes.

I also saw these big watery alien like eyes. They didn’t scare me, instead I senses a very sensitive being.

When all this started to stop It was like i was frozen behind a icy-path/wall and I couldn’t see anything more. But what I saw was very odd, and so vivid that I thought I was watching tv while just closing my eyes.

I also saw a double helix structure in the middle of all this

I tried to describe everything that I thought was important and that I wanted to mention, although it was hard because this was something very strange that had happened in this experience.

I have these very often, and write them down right next to my dreams, as they are just as interesting, if not more so. Often, I find myself looking out of a window at English architecture, or gazing into the depths of a strobing vortex lined with serpents, observing a beautiful meadow, glancing at a giant teapot, etc.

If you wish, you may find value in these visions, or you can dismiss them as mere hypnagogic imagery. I just enjoy them, note them, and move on. To me, there isn’t much difference from dream, visions, and waking reality other than methods of control and perception.

mee too , I imagine a lot , and sometimes I just find myself that I 've imagined a whole story , most of time It’s something that I want it to happen , and I can control them , It’s like If It’s a mini LD