a weird phrase i heard in a dream

so, i have been occupied with acting for quite some time and this year more than previous years. i had a dream where i met my acting teacher and she said to me the following sentence:

“a monologue is like a prayers, only exactly the opposite. a prayer fills you and a monologue empties you.”

it’s been maybe a few months since this dream occurred and i cant get this phrase out of my head since. i’ve been trying to analyze it and search about things that refer to the subject but to no avail so far. if anyone encountered anything on this subject, i’ll be glad to know

Im only 13 so bear with my answer. Ive never heard anything like that before, but it most likely has to do with vibrations. Praying raises your vibrations, since you are comunicating to someone/thing with a higher vibration. Monologue deals with you relying on your concious, rather than your intuition, so maybe that lowers your vibration?.. just a thought

WOW, that’s deep. :eek:

I think this means that a monologue (something you’re told say, like an actor’s script) is determined by someone else and may seem boring.

If you’re spiritual however, then a prayer is (hopefully) based upon your own mindset, and you feel happy for praying for someone/something.

Catch my drift? Maybe I can rephrase?

Very interesting quote.

I feel that a monologue is a way of expressing your feelings and thoughts. If for example you have something very bad happen to you, and you discuss it to other people, it tends to make you feel better. So in a way you are emptying yourself of your grief. I’m not sure if this exact example works so well with a monologue, but maybe something along those lines anyways.

I’m not exactly an expert on prayers. I believe most people pray for health, well being. Good fortune in life. Finding true love, among other things. Maybe this could be interpreted as a way of both finding and organizing our hopes and ambitions. So in this sense it could be seen as filling us with hope, and confidence.

Let me know what you think of this. After all it did come from your dream, so you would be the best judge as to what it means.

This is pretty similar to mine, but I think your theory of monologue is better. So instead of being empty of happiness you’re empty of grief.

Thumbs up!

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