A werid thing

Okay I don’t know f this is just Lucid or a phsyic thing.

Okay the very first time I ever remember somthing that I dreamed was when I was when I was fourteen and it was just two nights after my dad had died. I dreamed that my dad was taking me and my sister to Mcdonalds and we ate there had a good time and then when we were back in the car I told my dad I miss you daddy and he said I miss you to sweetie.

Then I woke up and it felt so real. I then was about to reach for my phone to call my dad cause it just made me feel like everything that I did go through was a dream and I really thoiught my dad was still alive. But when I saw the picthure of me standing next to his casket I knew that what I dreamed was just a dream and that what had happened did.

Kinda different. I think that was his way of saying goodbye. But the next kind of dream I remembered Was I dreamed I was walking home from school and I was so tired I saw a bed on the sidewalk near a building and just fell asleep on it Then when I wokeup I found my self at the entrance of a cave and when I looked up I saw this guy with this girl. The guy was smiling and said go in and wait for my prize but the girl was not smiling so I went into the cave and as I walked down the steps there was this thing on the wall that looked mechcanical and I said meh and kept walking and it was starting to get really dark and my heart was pounding and usually I wakeup when I am in a dark area but I told myself to keep going it won’t be dark for ever. (Guess I was also trying to come over my fear of the dark in my dreams like I am trying in real life.)

Well it did finally light up a bit and I saw chairs and a few other people and saw onewas looking at Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I was looking at them to but I could not see the picthure or words on them but I kept saying things like I have that card but I would love that one. Then I went and sat in a seat and a few seconds later that same unhappy girl came up to me and said that I should get out of here that there is no prize and the guy is trying to take my soul and that I should press the Mechcanic thing.

well I have you know I ran out of there then I was back on the street and I was tired again and found the same bed, fell, asleep on that and woke again and found myself at the same entrance and this time there was no girl just the guy and he was throwing bags of stuff down on me. Trying to trap me there. So I just ran the only place I could, the cave. I saw the mechcanical thing again but this time it was on the floor infront of me.

I pressed it and it jumped onto the wall of the cave and the wall of the cave became slimey and glowed green. I just felt that I should be running. So I ran and this time it was not dark as I was running it was bright and I heard the unhappy girl saying good job. Then I woke up and was sweating.

Amazing huh? and funny thing is any other time my heart would beat so fast that I would wake up when I entered in dark areas.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

Hi Sasskitten,

Although you had some intersting dreams, I cant really say what it has to mean for you. Probably stuff with fears IRL that cross over into dreams. But I always think that the dreamer is the best person to interpret their own dreams, so if you want to know what it really means, think on it yourself :smile:.

Well, I’m not sure about the cave thing, but:

I had a dream or two similar to your first one after my grandaddy died. In the dream, I was following him around his house, when I realized that he wasn’t supposed to be there. I told him so, but I can’t remember his reaction.

If you believe in life after death (as do I), then yes, I guess it could be him visiting your dream to say good-bye.