A WILD Night 2.12.05

I tried my first WILD last night and it…RESULTED IN ABSOLUTE GREATNESS!

 It worked in other words! My first WILD! I was laying down calm and confident, telling my self over and over that I would LD, that I would WILD. Then I cleared my mind and studied on the sound of my buzzing fan. Soon anough the red of my eyelids from the muted t.v. began to turn black. My heart began to race, but I knew I had to get it in control, or I would suddenly wake up (leaveing that weird stomach tickling feeling...am I right?  :tongue:  ) so I calmed my self and tried to continue. It did, and it got blacker, and it seemed like green lighting flashed over my eyes, then different color dots and splashes. I began, slowly, to loose touch with my body (is that normal?) and I became scared, but I kept it together. Then It was only my mind I could feel, not my body, not my bed. It felt as though my body was just gone. Then I wanted to wake up because I didn't feel right. I couldn't wake up! (IS THAT NORMAL?) Finally I took control and I told myself,"What you are looking at is your eyelids...just open them..." I jumped up, my heart was racing, and I realized that I was fine....I felt great to have my first WILD (or was it?) and I went to sleep at my self telling me I'll have a LD I'll have a LD, so-on till I fell asleep. I did and Seraphim (Mike was there) look at the post titled,"Reading Minds? A Redifin and Seraphim Story" Located in a forum that is like, double dreams, so on. 

  I said,"WILL! I'm here you told me to wake you to become lucid!" but I couldn't control myself, so I wasn't lucid. I wish I was...I felt totally stupid when I said it myself, "I need you to be lucid." UGh I could of been lucid...Anyways I kept telling him to wake up. His figure was blurry for I only know what he looks like in our spiritual and mind readings. Oh well, I hope he had the same dream! Leave your comments behind!  :happy:

My case is the same it worked the first time i tried but i haven’t fully completed;I feel the vibrations,buzzing, hypnogagic images and even eye twitching but im that close to enter the dream, i just see the white images forming like the dream is there.

stomach tickling? i don’t feel it in my stomach but in my hands.

(is that normal?) Yup. I couldn’t wake up! (IS THAT NORMAL?)Again all of that is normal, you are feeling what you subconciously feel.

Thanks for clearing those two questions up. Man that was the most rejuvinateing, scary experience in my life! :ok:

Wait, wait, wait. WILD as in you were awake and remained fully concious straight into the dream, past all of those horrible images? Good job, man!

WILD may work for me, but I prefer MILD because I usually feel a bit more reassured by it for some reason. What method did you use for WILD? WBTB or was this right when you went to bed, at what time?

I’m glad you had success, keep tight!

Went right to bed, stayed focus on something, and it happened. Freaked the hell outa me. But does that count as a LD? I’ll put it down anyways in my sig, and my journal.