A WILD, within a dream :)

I had a weird (but good) dream last night. It started out in a normal dream, and in that dream, I decided to go to bed. Now I’ve had times where I’ve fallen asleep during a dream, and gone into another before. But this time, I fell asleep in the original dream, went through SP, and went into a proper Lucid Dream. So basicly I dreamt about WILDing, and became lucid.

The funny thing is, I’ve only ever sucessfuly had a WILD once, so it’s unusual I’d be dreaming about it. So I was wondering, has this ever happened to anyone else?

I remember trying to WILD in a dream a few times… but I think I just entered a normal dream…

thinking of it, you might say it’s the opposite of a FA! :happy:

Whoa, freaky! It’s interesting that it turned out that way.