A worm that erases forums!

pandasoftware.com/about/pres … 766&ver=21

Does this apply to ld4all?

Yes, I see version 2.0.10 here and we need 2.0.11 to be safe, so we should upgrade ASAP:

This is aweful! :eek: good thing they have a patch for vulnerability! They say it attacks php of version less then 2.0.11 and here it reads 2.0.10!

It seems Dream Views has been a victim :sad:

i have already patched, but the version number wasn’t updated - i’ll do that today.

we’re safe :content:

Q scared me! She left the install and contrib directries there for a long time. :eek:

doh only as long as needed for the upgrade to complete :tongue:

and the contrib dir was never there… how did you check anyways?

A nice message appears “Please delete the install and contrib directry”.
It is a risk.

EDIT: Removed content of some description.

ah you must have seen that while the upgrade was taking place. Don’t worry it was deleted as soon as it was completed.
I have to run a upgrade file inside the install dir and that takes a while since the Database is big - so in that time you see that message.

We were already save, since in november 15 I did the quick-fix. However, this didn’t change the version number so it appeared we still where vulnerable.

Today I did the full upgrade, which also changes the version number. So now we are even safer :content:

Thanks everybody who has PM-ed me to warn me about this problem.

This security floor was only a minor one. However, a group called “howdark” were finding exploits and errors in PHPBB’s coding. They were releasing them publicly within a group. PHPBB didn’t like the idea of this.

A “howdark” member PMed the PHPBB admin and demanded that they be creditted for finding the exploits.

The admin didn’t like the way it was asked (it was quite demandanding and rude when I read it). So when he turned it down, and asked “howdark” to use the proper methods for reporting exploits, “howdark” got upset. They threatened to hack PHPBB and then released the exploit publicly to the world.

PHPBB was forced to create a patch quickly, because the minor exploit was now serious. Malicious hackers started using it to hack PHPBB forums.

A few weeks later "howdark"s domain got shut down.

yep, i lost most of my Dream Journal :sad:

Isn’t it funny how people get scared when their favourtie forum is in danger? I was half way to PM’ing Q before I read that post :tongue:.

<— he’s right here

:lol: christo … cute worm … but that joke might not be funny to some.