Aaron Donahue and Remote Viewing

Are any of you familar with Ed Dames & Aaron Donahue? Do any of you know of Remote Viewing? After visiting a couple websites i have become very interested in finding out as much about this art as i can.
Aaron Donahue was a student of Ed Dames, who was one of the first pioneers of Remote Viewing.
that is Aaron Donahues website. I encourage all of you to browse through it and read some of his predictions and targets that he has remote viewed. They are very thought provoking and i would appreciate to hear some of your opinions on this website because it so controversial. If any of you know of these two experts in remote viewing and can post some info on them i would really appreciate it, as well as some websites that relate to remote viewing.


search the net for “project Stargate” it was a US government project on remote veiwing, for recon purposes back in '75