Abortion. Your thoughts?

Personally, I think abortion is fine. I think that almost everyone will be okay with rape-abortions. (That one kind of abortion were they accually prematurly take out the baby/fetus and kill it seems kind of cruel…)
I don’t think that the fetus has a “soul” if such a thing exists at the point when the abortion takes place. Or if not soul, at least a personallity. Even very small babys have “personalities” i.e. he likes mushed peas alot, she laughs when a make a certain face, ect. But a fetus doesn’t have these.

Your thoughts?

I am for abortion too. Though i do think it should be done as soon as possible, not wait with it until right before birth…

I thought of another reason. If they do outlaw it, people will still be having abortions, illeagal abortions. They would also be alot less safe, without the trained professionals its much more dangerous for the mother.

Abortions for all!
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Very well, Abortions for none!
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Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!
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IMO The woman should have the right to decide on her own. I’m pro-choice.
However, I do think there should be a time limit to the decision making process… such as, within the first 3 months of pregnancy. After that time (the first tri-mester) it should be illegal to abort.

A Simpsons reference in an abortion thread? Nice… :cool:

I think abortions are icky, they shouldn’t have so many of those. Perhaps people intending to abort could give birth anyway, then give the kid up for adoption. When the kid grows up, he could donate $10,000 to the mother as payment for services rendered? :grin:

I’m not for abortions.
Only under the most dire circumstances could I go for it.
Like if a womans life or the fetus’s life.Only then I could understand abortions.
Plane and simple,If it does not need to die then it shouldn’t.

I’ve got no problems with abortion. In fact, I encourage it in any situation where a child would require a significant and detrimental change to the mother’s life (teen pregnancy, for example, often causes the mother to drop out of school, apply for government benefits, etc).

I don’t think there’s a special age at which time it becomes evil or wrong to perform an abortion. That’s a very convenient way to think of it, but really, how far back do you need to go before you can guiltlessly declare the action as prevention rather than murder? A 1 week old fetus is technically a human, and one which would (without intervention) be capable of a life just like yours. As is a 9 month-old baby.

Does it suddenly become wrong to kill someone after they’ve endured a few months of development? “Quick! Kill it before it grows fingers! That way we don’t have to bear the guilt of killing an ‘actual’ person, but instead can rest assured that all we’ve done is prevent that ‘potential’ person from ever becoming.”

Is it worse to take something away from someone, then to prevent them from ever obtaining it?

A child is a child, and if you’ve concieved life, no matter how early or simple it appears, then an abortion is murder.

I disagree. A fetus and a 1 year old baby are totally diffrent. A fetus is basically a plant. Its living but its not like it has any control, or consousness(sp?). Its not a matter of the fingers growing, its the mind devoloping. Babys dont even get the ability to remeber until about 8 months after birth. Theres a huge diff between killing a human, and a potential human. A potential is harly anything, where as a living human is (as in the I think there for I am, is), it exists, it has a soul, personality, whatever you want to call it. With a fetus its not like its sitting in there thinking “I can’t wait to get out and be a human!” Its not a thing, it has no thoughts, it is basically a seed. You could just as easily say that birth control is murder.

How is a potential human ANY different to a fully developed one? Just because it hasn’t yet developed a functional brain with a set of instincts and a fresh memory ready to fill with experiences… that doesn’t mean it’s not human. To kill that undeveloped fetus, is to kill that human.

The only difference I can see between an aborted fetus, and the death of a newborn, is the emotional grief endured by those who cared for it. It’s easier for parents to discard that which they haven’t yet grown attached to.

I’m pro-abortion, so it’s not like the above information influences my own opinion at all. I’m just not going to pretend that we aren’t killing.

Birth control isn’t murder in my opinion. The main reason is because it’s not certain that the process will be successful and you’ll begin the development of a child. Besides, some religions do consider it to be immoral (along with masturbation), because it essentially throws away a potential human - denying it a chance to ever experience life.

This is what I meant when I said it depends how far back you want to go. I draw the line at the point where it’s inevitable that a child will develop (conception). After that, you ARE destroying what will by course become a person no different to you or I.

I agree.

I’m anti-abortion, but pro choice. Unfortunately, there are some cases where it would be in the benefit of the party to abort the child. But it’s still a horrid thought what you’re actually doing.

Same here: anti-abortion but pro choice…
Ever seen video footage made inside the uterus at the moment the doctors suck the fetus out of it with their abortion-sucking machines (whatever they name it)? It’s pure horror: while arms and legs are stripped off the fetus’ body by the sucking machine, you can clearly see the deep agonizing screams in the expressions on the face… They clearly underestimate the level of consciousness of fetal life.
No wonder most abortion doctors refuse to see these videos…

i think abortion is ok and i have much the same views as Atheist as usual. I think another thing that could throw a spin on it is: is it murder if you kill someone that is an adult but still has the mind of a fetus from sickness?

A fetus does for sure not have any brain or feeling at all, but a more developed child does infact have a working brain, thus have a bigger chance of having feelings… A fetus does not suffer as it is killed, but a more developed baby might do.

I think that is infact helping it… There is no point in living when you are that seriousely ill, though i doubt that it matters much for him/her when it does not have any brain at all…
And btw, this happens every day at hospitals all over the world…
It is not killing at all, since they are pretty much dead allready.

I personally think it’s not a good idea, but I can’t judge what they’re doing. What if they had to do it in a certain situation? Anything is possible so I’m neutral on this.

I know it happens in hospitals but i am wondering if the people that are anti abortion are also anti that and if the people pro abortion are pro that.

I am pro-life. I consider that life begins on fertilisation of the egg. So the use of the coil, minipill and morning after pill can all also be considered early abortions.
I realise that in certain cases early abortion might be necessary. But nowadays often it is more or less abortion on demand.
Quoting a woman’s right to choose is all very well; but what about the potential baby’s rights?

On the other hand euthanasia when done is in the person’s interests…they have poorly managed pain and it is only a matter of weeks or months at most until death. I see this in the way births are induced …you are just bringing forward their release from this life and entry into the next.

I do not agree with them, but I am pro-choice, and I do believe that women should have the coice. If someone is an adult, has their life together, is in a stable situation, and gets an abortion, it doesn’t seem as understandable than if a 13 year old is raped and gets one.
Before people take the risk of getting pregnant, they should decide where they stand and what they would do, and then go ahead with sex.
If you have no choice (rape) then you’ll just have to do what you think is right, give child up for adoption or get an abortion.