About how many dreams do you remember?

Everytime i fall asleep i can recall a different dream.
So i guess almost every dream, maybe even all.
When im drunk, i mostly do not remember any dreams (Only drunk or beyond).
Ofcourse once i wake up 5 to 6 times a night the first dream is hard to completely recall, haha.

But thats a memory issue, not a recall issue.

At least one per 7 hours of sleep, usually two or more. For all I miss in the way of lucidity and dreamsigns, I feel like I have a decent memory.

One, two or even three if I’m lucky. After a hard day’s. work there can be none remembered though.

If I WBTB after every 2,5h of sleep. I seem to recall 1-2 dreams. So if I WBTB several times in one night I can recall 4 or 5. On average I recall 2 dreams per night, if I’m actively trying to remember my dreams.

Well if I really focus on remembering them I can remember up to 6 dreams a night. If I don’t focus too much I remember like 2-3 dreams a night, even zero when I really don’t care.

I usually remember anywhere from 1 to 3 dreams per sleep cycle. (i sleep in 2 hour blocks)

I’ve remembered up to 6-7 dreams a night :o but 2-3 is more common right now.