About how many dreams do you remember?

I remember about 1 a day which is pretty good for someone new to lucid dreams.

moved from Quest since topic has to do with normal dreams.

Most of the days I have a 1 dream recall,
But on strong days I recall 2 or even 3 dreams on one night.
Didn’t recall more than three though.

Normally one or two. Sometimes 4, and a couple of times even 5, but that does not happen much. The ‘couple of times’ is fitted into about 6 years, so that is not much. Never more then 5 I think (is that even possible? how many dream moments do people have during a night?)
But that was always normal dream recall, I never tried to LD back then.

it’s normally 1-2. :dream: all my dreams mesh together to form one big dream, so i can almost never tell when a new one’s starting. :uh:

Usually 2-3. Sometimes 1, sometimes 4… sometimes 6 :happy:

(my record is 9 but that probably doesn’t count. I think I woke up a lot that morning and what would have been 1 dream turned out to be 2 or 3 :shy: )

2-5 when I’m up to it.

My average is about 5.

When I’m too tired, like now, I just remember 1 or 2 dreams. Or some fragments. Normally, I remember 2 or 3 or 4, but I don’t know where the dream begins or ends. So I’d say, instead of counting dreams, why don’t you look for how many intresting details you find or how vivid they are. One of my most vivid dreams lasted less than 10 seconds (I think… There’s no time inside my head :tongue: ) and I remember every detail clearly. That was a great dream :happy:

Just one or 2 dreams, sometimes 3.

My record is 4 and it was some time ago :cool:

Now my DR is very low though :sigh:

Kinda busy at the moment, so I don’t really have a huge attention span or focus.

I’m averaging 2-3 a night. Compared to what I sometimes got in the past (more than 7 on occasion) that’s nothing. I do actually wake up from more dreams than 2-3, but unless I wake up with an already clear memory of the dream I can’t really be bothered. Haven’t had a lucid dream in like two weeks…

Most nights about 2-3… but i’ve always been quite lucky and able to remember my dreams well :smile:

generally one, though sometimes more

0 Dreams :happy:

Lul gotta improve my DR.

I always wondered what the community meaned by dream - is it until a scene change happens, or it means an entire REM phase? Because i see my dreams as a continuum, aven during the scene changes, but if the first definition is used, my highest would be around 15 - when i once did several awakenings, one after every REM phase (and slept for nearly 12 hours - lawl what an epic night it was) and proceeded recording every dream, just for experimenting: i even recalled one 1:30 h after i got to bed, the first short REM phase that i usually forget.
My average, however, is another story, but thanks to a constant WBTB, i can say my average hovers above 4 dreams (or 2 REM phases).

That sounds like a fun experiment :happy: I’d try it myself if only I could find the time to doze for twelve hours. I’m averaging two strong REM cycles per night than I can remember well. I also catch a few fragments of dreams mixed in between.

1-2 per night, can be up to 4. Don’t think i have remembered 0 since very long time ago :smile:

Average is 2-3. If I consistently keep a DJ, It can be 5-7 in which case making it very difficult to keep up with!

I don’t know if this is normal but I remember 1000’s of dreams. Even dreams from when I was a little boy.
I often have a dream, then I wake up and dream and it’s a continuation of the last dream.


If I don’t write my dreams down after I wake up I usually remember 1 dream, 2 at most. But when I make it a habit to write in my journal I can easily recall around 3 to 4 dreams.

Sometimes it’s only 1 or maybe 2 but it can be 3 if im lucky but it disaperes quickly xD