About HS and HH

This morning I gave HS and HH some more attention than I usually do. HS is often music and it’s something like a jukebox though most of my requests don’t get played… One of the first songs was unknown to me, happens more often that I hear a piece which is competely new to me… or so do I think. What do you think? Can your mind make new music or is it something you heard a long time ago and you can’t remember it because you weren’t paying attention?
I’ve read a while ago about a componist (can’t remember who) who heard new pieces during HS/HH or already in a LD (to me HS/HH is a prestate of a LD with just a really fine line in between). That componist then wrote it down and voilà there it was, a new piece. So, your mind can create completely new things as complex as a music song or piece? Or does it come from somewhere else?

Other thing I wanted to say, yet again… because I read some replies of people who were afraid of HH; to people who are afraid of HH: there is NO reason to get frightened, scared or freaked out. Rather, when it happens, play with it because it’s a lot of fun. This morning for instance I created two spiders, one was the size of my hand and the other twice as big. They came walking over to me and I turned them into brightly coloured yarn spiders, made me giggle. I turned them into scary spiders again and laughed at them, they walked off. Next there was a cloud of bugs in my room and it could have looked a bit scary, but they started dancing in patterns which was quite amazing. So there you see, it doesn’t have to get scary because you decide wether it will be scary or funny/amazing/just nice.

Thinking back, I do remember a good decade ago, when I was lying awake during night, I heard a tune play. It was the same tune everynight (I can’t remember it anymore,) played by what sounded almost like the toy Simon (the memory one, red blue green yellow buttons.) I don’t believe it was a song I’d heard before, it was simple, but kind of pretty. I never was afraid of it, oddly enough, as many things frightened me, but it also never had a specific source.

Personally, I think the mind would easily be able to create and play back new tunes, even when the conscious mind was otherwise occupied.

There was one time I recall while WILDing hearing music. It was something I absolutely never heard of for sure. There was a lady singing and some guy rapping letters in the back. It was actually quite catchy, sucks that I don’t remember the lyrics though. So yes, I do believe our minds are capable of creating new things. :content:

I have heard music playing in my head during HH too. I also have had a dream where I wrote a song and sang it on a acoustic guitar. I remember it being a very beautiful yet catchy song. The lyrics were original and unique. I couldn’t have wrote such an amazing song while awake and unfortunately I didn’t remember the lyrics after waking up from the dream.

So I guess this proves your subconsious can create songs, even very complicated ones.

It’s so fascinating that the mind can create all this, music and entire dream scapes with characters and stories with a past. While when you are awake you don’t have access to this knowlegde or talent.

When you have a song in your head, you hear your voice imitating the voices and instuments, but in your dreams you can hear other voices sing, instruments play like you are listening to them played right in front of you. I don’t know what instruments are capable of, though it doesn’t seem to be a problem when my subconscious creates music played by them.

Some time ago I wondered about something else. When you fall off of your bed at night while you are dreaming, how is it possible that your subconscious creates a whole dream around you falling. The fall itself may take just less than a second…

Here’s a fun little thing about dreaming. When you are dreaming, you lose all perception of real-time. So even though the fall may be a second long or less, your mind doesn’t record this, and the sensation of falling gets to you before the landing (surprise surprise.) People have had dreams that lasted months or even years, but they only slept for a few hours.

I thought about that, it’s hard to understand though… totally believe it’s possible, but still… hard to understand