About the Quest for Lucidity category

Every subject dealing with how to become lucid.

This forum is focused on how to attain lucidity: techniques, tools, ways of living, everything that has to do with becoming lucid.

  • In depth discussion of LD inducing techniques.
  • Sharing your own ways to become lucid.
  • Developing new techniques.
  • Discussing lucidity aids like lucid dreaming masks, music, subliminal programming, software, etc.
  • Discussing food, vitamins, etc that help in becoming lucid.

Please abide the following:

  • please give your topics a clear title, and not just “Question” or “Help needed”. When you give your topic a clear title you are bound to get more replies :smile:
  • If discussing a specific technique (eg WILD), please use descriptive titles and not just “WILD” or “Help with WILD”
  • Everything you discuss here should be legally and freely available.
  • Everything you discuss should be safe. No dangerous and potentially harmful things, no matter how big the disclaimer you put in your post.
  • No medicines and prescription drugs.
  • Links to downloadable files or download places are only allowed if those files are free of charge and legal.
  • If you are talking about a product, please don’t post a link to vendors.