About the WILD technique.

Hello, I am a beginner lucid dreamer, and have never experienced lucid dreaming (manually indulced) before. I wish to try the WILD technique, by making my body get in sleep paralysis and then jumping into the LD or getting a OBE. But, I am kind of scared, since I have seen a lot of people saying that, when you get the sleep paralysis, you start hearing demonic whispers and seeing shadowy creppy figures in the corner of your room. A lot of people have said that.

Is there a way to prevent that from happening? What should I do?

Thanks for anyone who helps.

I don’t actually know why certain people have been saying this, they never used to when I first heard about it. Sure, there was maybe one guy saying he had a bad experience with some really creepy HI, but it was because he was expecting it to happen, and put the image in his own mind. Now, I go on youtube and see videos like “The dangers of astral projection!”, “why astral projection is bad for you” and all other such nonsense which is really only created by internet trolls. Like the guy who made the video “The dangers of astral projection” is actually just a 12 year old kid, how could he possibly understand any “dangers” of it when I seriously doubt he understands why astral projection is possible, given his age.

There is nothing scary about the WILD technique. There is nothing scary about astral projection. There are stories of people with bad experiences, yes, but those that are true are few and far between. Those that are true are either caused because of a random occurrence, or the person was so paranoid of having bad HI that they put the thought in their own minds, causing themselves to be scared. Believe me, if your calm through the whole process, nothing will frighten you.

However, I don’t recommend trying the WILD technique at your level of experience. Unless you have had lucid dreams in the past, I wouldn’t say you quite knew the feel of them. The WILD technique also takes time to perfect, and time to modify to your own specifications. This time could deter anyone new to lucid dreaming, it did with me the first time I got into it. I saw the technique, and thought to myself, “alright, that seems to be the one I want to try and perfect first”, but it took me over two weeks and I never got more than the vibrations. Soon, I fell out of the practice, and literally gave up on lucid dreaming altogether, until I actually had a lucid dream simply by thinking about it one night. The feeling of the dream was so immensely overwhelming, it only lasted a few seconds, but it got me onto the path I am today, and I’m grateful for it. At the time of my “revival”, I knew the WILD process would take too long, so I went with the DILD technique, which gave me a few more lucid dreams. I’m still on my “pilgrimage”, but I’m grateful for each dream I’ve been given because of the time I’ve put into the practice, which still hasn’t been too long. Believe me, in the long run, you’ll be glad you saved the WILD technique until later.

However, if you want to prepare for the WILD technique in your future, you could experiment with different wavelengths to help your understanding of the brain and the science behind lucid dreaming. I’d suggest reading up on Theta waves, and maybe listening to a bit of music that involves theta waves during your meditation, if you do meditate. If you don’t, it’s a good practice to get into if you lucid dream, and especially if you astral project.

I can answer you this questions. Many people heard this from 9gag.com where people had a normal nightmare and say it was beacause of WILD, I mean HH is not that often.

I just came from 9gag and saw about 3 posts like that. It’s really starting to piss me off. :neutral: But I’m happy to see at least some people are looking for answers instead of just “being to scared to try”. :happy:

Maybe those people did have SP and experienced scary things, but that only happens if you aren’t informed enough. I mean, if you get it without ever hearing about it, I can perfectly understand freaking out! But knowing it happens many times a night, every night, but you’re just not conscious of it, and that there is NO danger at all… well that helps. In fact, my worst SP I felt like I was being tickled :rofl:. It was terrible not being able to move then, but awesome nonetheless!

Anyway, stay calm, inform yourslef! and welcome to ld4all :wave: