About the Wings Quest category

Bi-monthly we have a new Quest. If you complete it you can earn your wings!


On the old forum (until March 2020) you could earn a wings badge that displayed above your avatar.
From March 2020 and onwards, the Quest reward has changed:

  • Quest badges now earn “feathers” instead of a wing.
  • Feathers are cumulative, for each completed Quest you get another one.
  • When you have gathered 10 feathers you will get a Wing badge (which is so new it hasn’t even been designed yet!)
  • Everyone who has completed a wings Quest before March 2020 has received the unique and one time only Legacy Quest Wings.

Quest suggestions

If you have ideas for a Quest to undertake, please post in the Quest reQuest topic

Hi @Qu,it is my first time earning a feather badge and I am so proud, I have got a question though. Is the feather badge just for keeping or can I add it next to my profile photo like the member badge. It is my first feather badge so I do not know how to, sorry!

P. S, I have suggested a quest that might be OK for you in the quest request topic, if you do not know what quest to add, thanks!

The badge is visible by clicking your profile picture which is now a default T letter.

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