I DID IT, haha

for all u experienced ld ers out there this means nothing, but for all the newbs like me, DONT STOP, DONT GIVE UP…the trick is to not want it to bad, i stop caring so much after about 5 months and BAM, my first ld ever

It came last night and i really didnt even try for it


Hehe! that’s great mate!
The exact thing happened to me, I tried realy realy hard for a month or so, then I stoped trying and bam, next week I had my first LD, then I had one last night to.
so I’m trying the more careful approach now, not trying to hard.

Well done :content:.

The giving up thing is actually ‘rescribed’ to newbies who are struggerling to have their first LD. It seems that repressed thoughts have an easier time getting into your dreams.

But yeah - don’t try to hard, cos that can really hamper your chances at becoming lucid,

Well i think im trying too hard so i think i should leave it happen normally. I want to say that my first (on-purpose in some way) LD i wasn’t trying to do it i was attempting to do an OBE not a LD but the LD came up without i wanting it.

hey guys, i have another bit of info for you.

If any of you have read pedros post about his technique called vild, then u already know wat im talking about.

This is the technique i used, and i tried it once and on my first try it worked. It may sound dumb or like it wont work, but believe me, im a beginner, ive had one ld, and i believe that i will be having many more because of pedro and his VILD

THANK YOU PEDRO, haha, anyone see napoleon dynamite???

yes, its a sledgehammer…

I tried for three or four months and quit. You know why? Because I’m an impatient idiot. I’m fixing to start again in a little while. Maybe my MILD didn’t work because I wasn’t doing it right…

Oh, and Napoleon Dynamite is freaking funny :happy:

lol, “ever gone off any sweet jumps?”

Daaang! 5 months!? It took me like a fifth a that! :wink:
Allwell, guess you’re just more motivated than me. Didn’t think there was such thing.

Took me forever to get it right, like half a year and one false LD, but I never “gave up” I just didn’t put all of my free energy into it.

I just did mild untill I fell asleep, woke up at 5am and did it again, read some random crap on lding, and sooner or later, yay!

It doens’t hurt to want it, just don’t waste your energy on it.

All of my LD’s have be since this Christmas and the counts stuck at four heh.