Accessing information you've forgotten.

Ive always wondered, how do you access information your brain has stored yet you cant remember. Ive heard of people ask their spirit guides things that they didnt even know and get the correct answer, and some people that speak with their sub concious and get the answers that way.

I cant think of any other ways but the ways i do know i just want to know if anyone has done them, or if anyone has a suggestion to how i could find out :tongue:
Thanks :content:

what do you need to remember that you forgot ?

its a thinkless thinking, asking for information, and waiting,

There is this guy called Win Wenger who made up various techniques to access subconscious information, I think image streaming is the main one. I have started trying it only the last few days, it is kind of like asking yourself a question and then daydreaming about it without consciously thinking and the answer is supposed to present itself to you. Actually it sounds like what Eyelids said.

Oh yeah and apparently its important to describe aloud the images you see to another person or a tape recorder and then review it to find what you are looking for.

Here is a link if your interested:

regarding accessing information you have forgotten… i have done this, and there is also a past Quest about this.
anyhow, in my dream I went to access lost memories, and I saw myself being born, and later als a girl, rollerskating. This was really cool, as I got it all in 3D and very vivid colors, like moments frozen in time that I was looking at. The dream is in my DJ if you are interested. Lost memories found (it’s the 3rd dream in that post, so scroll until you see it).

basically, you just have to let it come to you. Trying to remember something will lock it away from you.
You can probably think of an occasion in which you tried to remember someone’s name, face, or anything different and simply couldn’t , the more you try, the harder it seems.
Then, you just forget about it, and the answer slips into your mind…
Think of the information you want to retrieve and let your thoughts wander across your mind without trying to think of anything specific, just pay attention to what goes through your mind. Answers are usually hiding in front of our eyes and only when we stop looking , we gaze at them .

make up a string of random words

monkey dishwasher odwalla tucumcari nascent penguin poppycock

make the train until you almost forget , you have to remember the entire order, see how long your memory is

maybe it is 4 words long, maybe 7

find what it feels like to have a hard time remembering the entire train of words, and when you find that feeling, your mind is almost totally in a trance state, because it is shifting between short and long term memory,

will try it right now
another method is to take a word such as
and start the next word with the last letter of the first
bark kangaroo orange emerald dragon ninja
but you can’t ever use the same word twice,
until your mind is thoroughly quiet

Hypnotists can put you in trance, after which you can access stored information, I think.

Although I think it’s a rather hard process, and some people have trouble being hypnotized.

And who knows what he hypnotist could ask you when your in thier trance! :tongue:
Thanks everyone for the advice! I’ll check the Win link thanks, and take a look a your dream Q ^^. Im wondering, how do you know that really was what he event was like, and it wasnt your mind filling blanks as such?

tries trance suggestion

Oh, and Eyelids, its a dae of birth for an account which is required because i havent logged in for along time :tongue:

Is there a chance my mind will gegtt confused, because ive made up so many random birthdays for accounts, including ones on the same site.

I’ll have a go soon and let you know if i have any results.
Think i’m going to try everything to try and get the D.O.B :tongue: (and try and contact my SG in my dream, ask them :smile:)

Thanks everyone!

I’ve read someplace that retrievind lost memories through hypnosis can have bad results if not done properly. I read of this woman who’s friends noticed a personality change and bursts of anger. It was latter tracked back to a poorly done hypnosis session in a magic show.

Anyway, I think it’s just that some memories are forgotten for a reason, and remembering them could be traumatic.

But I believe if using more “natural” ways, like image streaming or just getting the information from your SC some other way might not have these effects…

Well is only remembering a made-up date of birth i used for an account which is now needed to log into it.
I tried the image streaming thing, i doesnt seem to be doing much for me… sigh.