Acheived Lucidity - Having trouble maintaining

I’ve been getting back into lucid dreaming lately and have had some moderate success. I have been waking up during REM, getting up for a while and then going back to sleep which helps with my dream recall and also a few times in the last month I’ve achieved lucidity. The problem is that once I realize that I am dreaming, I want to start manipulating my environment, and as soon as I try to, the dream fades and I wake up.

In a dream I had the other night I had a hunch that I was dreaming so I wanted to test it, and went over to a nearby mirror. I saw all kinds of strange things through the mirror which confirmed my suspicion that I was dreaming. While I did this, the dream was perfectly clear. Now that I know that I’m dreaming I want to try to change my surroundings, so I close my eyes and try and picture somewhere I want to be, and the dream starts fading and I wake up.

So it seems that just being aware of the fact that I’m dreaming doesn’t cause any problems, but as soon as I try and alter the course of what’s happening causes the dream to fade. I realize this has been covered before and a number of solutions are offered, but since I don’t have as much of a problem maintaining lucidity as I do manipulating my environment, I’d like to see if anyone has any insight for me.


I had the same problem, becoming lucid, but then the dream becomes fuzzy or detached. For a while i tried a ton of tricks but finally figured out that you just have to stop putting up with it. It’s your dream: you don’t have to wake up if you don’t want to. It’s not something that you can really explain, you’ll just have a quasi-epiphany. Just don’t try too hard, remember that you don’t have to try at all. Sorry if that made no sense, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to explain it (it doesn’t help that I haven’t really tried to LD in a while.)

Thanks Graech

That does make a lot of sense, since I can control my dream, I should be able to control ALL aspects including my level of lucidity. With that said, it sounds like I just need more experience because like I said before, achieving lucidity isn’t a problem, it’s just trying to manipulate my surroundings that causes a problem. Thanks for your help, I’ll keep trying.

I have that problem sometimes too…

Closing your eyes is the worst thing I can do in a LD… :tongue: So I don’t close them to try to teleport, and have to avoid kissing, swimming, etc. Where I close my eyes without thinking…

You could maybe try to manipulate the environment slowly. Do little things and see what happens, then start doing bigger stuff… just an idea. :wink: