Achieving sleepwalking - suggestions?

I feel as if my dreaming intensity isn’t clear enough, and I want to achieve a more clear and acute state of sleeping, and sleepwalking would be a good start. I find it a facinating concept and experience… of thinking you’re in a ‘real’ world but then you’re not. Wow :smile:

So any ideas?

Hmm…im not sure if what i think is right but ill share.
I guess sleepwalking would require getting rid of sleep paralisis(body function to prevent us from walking in our dreams).Firstly i have no idea how that can be done without a knife in your brain,secondly-why would u want to do so?
Its dangerous and actually i think it would decrease your chances for ld,as SP is known helper.
Maybe i didnt understand your post properly,but it looks to me like bad idea.
Take care

I agree with Jack.

If you got yourself into the habbit of walking around every time you dreamt, then any time you became lucid you might find yourself leaping off something tall, or trying to have sex with a random item of furniture.

It’s probably just my overactive imagination, but I think it’s a lot safer to dream in the relative safety of your own bed. I also can’t see any way of actually incuding a sleepwalk. Having experienced both Sleep Paralysis and Sleepwalking, there must be some way to disable the SP.

Just be aware… some very incriminating photos may arise at some point. :cool_laugh:

Sleepwalking does never occur during REM sleep. The mechanism that prevents you from walking around exist only during REM, so these are two different things.

99% of lucid dreams are during REM sleep (this sleep stage is the closest to normal consiousness), so I don’t think you have to worry about furniture-sex :grin:

Sleepwalking can indeed be hazardous. You can bump into various objects and hurt yourself. Sleepwalking is kinda like getting really drunk. You do something stupid and don’t even remember any of it.

Yes I agree with monkeyglove. Here’s what I posted in first page of kmcdonald’s dream journal part I:

Sleepwalking IS dangerous. Although, my psych profs all tell me that we have perfect houseplans in our minds & are unlikely to run into things, I’ve done it & it hurt. A lot.

However, I have done some personal studies on the matter & have found that if there is something that you REALLY want to experience, you may venture out. In my case it was a really unusual movie rental that I had wanted to see for several years. I had accidently crashed in the next room, but was able to sleep-walk over to witness a few minutes. I know this to be true because there was a witness to the event. I believe sleepwalkers don’t recognize people around them partly because they are not integral in completing the task that they are setting out to do.

Long-winded way to say - leave something simple unfinished or waiting for you while you are sleeping. Maybe an especially yummy morsel across the room or maybe try the movie thing. Something has to be interesting enough to pull you from your peace. :flower:

My friends lil bros friends sleep walks. one time i herd he sleep walked and locked himself outside of his house at night during a lightning storm. tell me that would be scary when u wake up and ur lik “wut the hell is going on!?!?” One time i stayed at my friends house wit him and we thought he was gonna sleepwalk and kill us all wit a knife or sumin. but luckily he dint. We got up in the middle of the night to look for him cus he was “missing” and we found him on the kitchen floor asleep. But ya never know wut could happen.

hey choseone, you say that you want to sleepwalk and i can tell you first hand you really don’t want to. I’ve been sleepwalking for years and i can tell you its not very fun. I can’t have sleepovers anywhere and secondly its quite dangerous. For example, one night i was sleepwalking i walked into my sisters room and started beating her up and then my parents cam e in and i kicked my mom in the face. so yeah theres way more negetive aspects than positive. i hope this info helps.

Oh my god! I am so sorry to hear that! It must be very difficult for you and your family.
The only consolation I can give you is that as I’ve gotten older, my sleepwalking has come to pretty much a screaching halt. Hopefully, that’ll happen for you someday. Good Luck :flower:

[color=green]I used to sleepwalk a lot.
In fact especially when I learned pa kua (baguazhang)
You do it enough times that it happens in your sleep.
Hey! why dont you learn pa kua or taijiquan or something like that!
Then you could.

But it is kind of dangerous though. I dreamt in a LD when I was 6 yrs old that I was hunting tigers.
Unfortunately it was very starling to me when my parents tried to wake me up.

My friend told me that he once woke up in his dorm room humping the bed! :eek:
It seems like sleepwalking is sort of the oposite of lucid dreaming in a way since your body wakes up instead of your mind.
Did you mean sleepwalking or did you mean something else?

:eek: :eek: :eek:
Humping the bed? Well hmmpphh! I got stuck hunting tigers!

Yeah I doubt you want to sleepwalk. This is a true story: My uncle used to be an occasional sleepwalker in his teens. One night, while sleeping, he jumped out his second story window in his underwear and broke his ankle. He then proceeded to walk to the neighbor’s and ring the doorbell. They came to the door and woke him up and took him home, and he had to to get his leg fixed. It’s a good family story, but he could be dead…

now i can’t say much for not being able to sleepwalk during a dream, as i KNOW that during REM sleep the sleep paralysis is not a 100% accurate.

I have hurt myself during a dream on many occations, one i was infurated with a guy in my dream i headbutted him hard. At the same time i also headbutted the wall too and boy did that hurt i got a mild concussion… oi stop laughing.

and also i dreamt my legs were covered in spiders and in the dream i was kicking them off i awoke and found it was doing the same thing - though strangely it was with the opposite leg.

As an avid somnambulist i found myself dreaming and someone has awaken me because i was walking around the kitchen. So sleep paralysis doesn’t always occure during REM sleep.

as for trying to sleepwalk i would say DON’T that is my advice, I found i was often very tired because of it too. But other than bumping into thing, mating with the furnature falling downsteps etc., what is to stop you from walking out of your house and under a car?

I would really suggest you don’t try, as i have aged i have stopped sleepwalking (or at least i assume i have) but it’s not something you really want to do willingly as you have no control over it.

just thought i would add a little funny story.

A friend of mine’s little sister is a sleepwalker, one night last month she heard this crash downstairs at about 11pm. Having such great parents they told her to go downstairs and see wat it was.

On going downstair she found the christmas tree on the floor she picked up and underneath was her little sister still sleeping lol.

now that story would be humours to see on camera, but that tree could have easily fallen and one of the branches taken an eye out. Sleepwalking is very dangerous, imagine what would happen if you sleepwalked to your car and tried to drive to work while asleep? all possibilities.

Perhaps sleepwalking would be good to learn. It could have various benefits. In your mind, you’ll be dreaming of great romances and adventures; but simultaneoulsy, you could be getting a lot of gardening done in the backyard. :cheesy: