Acronym Suggestion topic

First of all I’d like you to see that video from I certain show I recently discovered that clears up something :content:
(awesome show imo btw :tongue:)

Now the following are my personal Martian-Initialisms that I use for myself and I thought I just share them here:

LDC = Lucid Dream Chat (referred to #ld4all)

SILD= Sound Induced Lucid dream

LL = Lucidity Level (My personal scale, goes from 0-5)

DA = Dream Artifact (Ideas and things that you take from your dreams and transver them into real live. e.g. A painting of a dream scene, a gadged that occured in your dream and that you re-built in RL etc.)

DN = Dream Notes (Notes that you take when waking up, writing in keywords to help you memorize the dream later when you have time to write them down in your DJ)

SOREM = Sleep onset REM . (e.g.: SOREM-ND / SOREM-LD = dreams that occur right after you fall asleep )

Well, lets clear things up mars, will ya.

First of all, LL already is an acronym (lucid living).

And for LDC, its only one channel in the IRC-network (there are a few channels that belong to ld4all, #wolfgame etc.), hadnt it been smarter to define IRC instead? :nodnodwinkwink:

As for DA, I believe there are still members who still refer DA to dreamaddict :razz:

Uhm Ghostie, I thouth I made myself clear when I wrote (and I love to quote myself );p :

Meaning: I wasn’t suggesting that everyone changes the existing initialism.
This list was copied from my DJ, use it on your own behalf :wink:

I’ll explain it to you once more:

LL: I’ve chosen that long before I discovered this site.
LDC: Only refears to a chat that talks about lucid dreaming (what’s unclear about that?) SO in my DJ it would say like “Today in the LDC that guy said…”
I’ve never even heard of a Dream addict

if something is still unclear, pm me. :content:

DR = Dream Recall --the ability to recall (remember) one’s dreams/the process of recalling one’s dreams.

As you see, it already exists :cool:

DEILD = Dream exit Induced Lucid dream

And good idea with DT and DL (maybe DW too :cool_raz: )

hehe I do see, but it is not in [What are all those Acronyms? LD / RC / ND / FA etc)

edit: nvm, I do see it. I wonder how I missed it. The firefox search did not find it for some reason, now it does… weird. Anyway, sorry then.

DEILD = Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream. A technique where you wake up from a dream and then re-enter the same dream or another one as Lucid. Also known as Chaining. Similar to WILD.

Edit: Just noticed GHOSTIE just suggested it, but it hasn’t been added yet. I added an explanation as well.

Added DEILD :smile:

left out the WILD part since I can’t put acronymed things inside acronyms - it messes up :tongue:

Like a dream within a dream! :unk: Thanks for adding it^^

Thank you Qu for adding it :hugs: Im gonna use it myself a lot probably :cool_raz:

I posted this in another topic and was told to go here, so here’s my idea:

AILD - Audio Induced Lucid Dream. A method of becoming lucid by listening to an audio track or other binaural sound meant to put you in the lucid state.

some people use sleep tracks or binaural beats and other “audio” related things to get them lucid. It probably won’t be used often, but it’s a nice addition

I would like to suggest an acronym: NILD

NILD - Nightmare Induced Lucid Dream - By conditioning a fear in waking life, the dreamer becomes lucid due to a daytime residue nightmare for which the dreamer preps a reality check or hopes for spontaneous lucidity. (Scipio Xaos)

If my description isn’t so good, check out the thread for the tech: here.

Hmmm… I’ve also heard NILD used for things like Number Induced Lucid Dream…

Well since NILD is taken, how about TILD? The definition and stuff would be the same except instead of N for Nigtmare it would be T for Terror.

Also, I see we don’t have LN down as Lucid Nightmare.

This should really exist. Though it’s not used very often I find it as a term which should be included in ld4all’s thesaurus. :wink:

PLD = Precognitive Lucid Dream (A lucid dream presenting a situation which will later occur in real life. More than a PD, the dreamer is actually able to ‘create’ their own future in the dream while being conscious and reproduce it IWL by following the same gestures they did in the dream.)

PD = Precognitive Dream (A dream presenting a situation which will later occur in real life. Allthough they are very rare, they are said to be accompanied by a certain feeling called ‘deja-vu’.)

Hello, as this is my first post please bear with me.

I am suggesting a new definition and acronym, triggerword.

Triggerword == A word that is the strongest memory you have from your dream in the morning. When you forget your dream you still have your triggerword.

One such word is “spider”, i once had a dream about the jungle and spiders, the strongest thing was the spiders. When i woke up i focused on the word “spider”.

This will act like a one-word dj, so people with little time(or just lazy one like me:) ) can remember their dream every time.

Welcome to the forum intelhunter. I suppose the acronym would be Tw. Q adds new ones if they will be used enough in DJs and on the forum to warrant a mouseover explanation. I like the idea though.

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FD = Fantasy Dream
TD = Thriller Dream

This will help you disguise the fantasy dreams from the rest you have ever seen. :smile: I happened to see a lot of fantastic worlds I have never seen(which you’ll read in my DJ). :smile:

Here’s an acronym myself and others have started using quite a bit lately:

PPS == PolyPhasic Sleep - the practice of sleeping more than once, and generally more than twice, in a twenty-four hour period.

So apparently FILD has no definition?

FILD - Finger Induced Lucid Dream. A WILD variant in which one maintains awareness with small, repetitive finger movements.