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If you have any suggestions to the acronym list in the knowledge base, here: [What are all those Acronyms? LD / RC / ND / FA etc)

Then please add them to this post :smile:

You should probably add the acronym DG == Dream Guide. I don’t think I saw it there in the list.

I think you missed the forum :wink:

It should have been in feedback and suggestions forum…

DS-dream sign(I don’t know if that acronym is already in use)EDIT: yes, it’s in use.
BV- black void
SP is already in use, so it won’t work for spiritual guide EDIT: oops, now I realize what I just said… my bad

It would be cool if the chroniclers had their acronym (like CH)

CES - Cranial Electro-therapy Stimulation, a method of brainwave entrainment involving electrical currents applied via electrode behind the ear.
//This one is getting some attention at the other dreaming forum (not DV), so I figured I’d submit it here as an acronym.
EWOLD - Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, a book by Stephen LaBerge.
LDS - Lucid Dream Supplements

HAHS - Half-Awake-Half-Sleep - A phase in which you are half awake and half sleep, it can sometimes be easy to recall dreams if you are in this state. - Team Xlink

Well, following the results of this topic

CD = Conscious Dream. A dream where you are aware that your surroundings are a dream. Akin to Lucid Dream.

NCD = Non Conscious Dream. A dream that is lived without realizing the illusion the dream creates around you. Synonymous with Normal Dream.

Hmm, Ive been thinking and have some suggestions:

RW=Real world (defined in chat, but not forum)

FILD=Finger Induced Lucid Dream (you know Hargarts method)

DT = Dream time
WT = Waking time

Unconscious/preconscious (UC/PC)

Most psycologists, including Freud himself, actually avoid using the term subconsious because it is a little too generic. The use these terms instead.

Preconscious (PC): that which is not in the conscious mind but can be easily made conscious; memories and the like.

Unconscious (UC): that which is not in the conscious mind and is not easily made conscious. Instincts, impulses, repressed thoughts or memories.

The two can also be put together as the Unconscious Mind (UCM), and the definition of that is the same as what we use for the SC on our mouseover.

This might be a good alternative for people who don’t like to use SC due to the New Age connotations that can come with the word. Not to mention, if you say UCM, it is a much less broad term than SC, which can have any number of meanings.

MIWILD - Meditation indiced WILD

Since everyone (allmost everyone) knows this technique, it should be an acronym for it… But first a very important acronym, which should deffinetly be in use…

RS = Rollover Signal. The body checks on the mind, to see if it has allready fallen asleep, by sending a strong signal to roll over.

SDR = Stop, Drop and Roll. A powerfull technique to trick your body to fall asleep. Place your hands above your head, while lieing in the bed. Then place them beneath your body. When you get the RS and feel like you can’t resist it any longer, gentely roll over and remain in that position.

May I suggest an acromym for the Counting-wake induced lucid dream. CWILD. I have seen this acronym being used around the forum allready but I just want to make it official. :wink:

I can’t believe that there’s no acronym for “dreamworld”. There should be something like:

DW = dreamworld
DL = dreamlife (since RL (real life) allready exists, there should also be a dreamlife :tongue:)

:ack: I cant believe BB isnt on the list, its defined in #ld4all channel (IRC) though

BB= Bineural Beats (spelling please)

First of all I’d like you to see that video from I certain show I recently discovered that clears up something :content:
(awesome show imo btw :tongue:)

Now the following are my personal Martian-Initialisms that I use for myself and I thought I just share them here:

LDC = Lucid Dream Chat (referred to #ld4all)

SILD= Sound Induced Lucid dream

LL = Lucidity Level (My personal scale, goes from 0-5)

DA = Dream Artifact (Ideas and things that you take from your dreams and transver them into real live. e.g. A painting of a dream scene, a gadged that occured in your dream and that you re-built in RL etc.)

DN = Dream Notes (Notes that you take when waking up, writing in keywords to help you memorize the dream later when you have time to write them down in your DJ)

SOREM = Sleep onset REM . (e.g.: SOREM-ND / SOREM-LD = dreams that occur right after you fall asleep )

Well, lets clear things up mars, will ya.

First of all, LL already is an acronym (lucid living).

And for LDC, its only one channel in the IRC-network (there are a few channels that belong to ld4all, #wolfgame etc.), hadnt it been smarter to define IRC instead? :nodnodwinkwink:

As for DA, I believe there are still members who still refer DA to dreamaddict :razz:

Uhm Ghostie, I thouth I made myself clear when I wrote (and I love to quote myself );p :

Meaning: I wasn’t suggesting that everyone changes the existing initialism.
This list was copied from my DJ, use it on your own behalf :wink:

I’ll explain it to you once more:

LL: I’ve chosen that long before I discovered this site.
LDC: Only refears to a chat that talks about lucid dreaming (what’s unclear about that?) SO in my DJ it would say like “Today in the LDC that guy said…”
I’ve never even heard of a Dream addict

if something is still unclear, pm me. :content:

DR = Dream Recall --the ability to recall (remember) one’s dreams/the process of recalling one’s dreams.

As you see, it already exists :cool:

DEILD = Dream exit Induced Lucid dream

And good idea with DT and DL (maybe DW too :cool_raz: )

hehe I do see, but it is not in [What are all those Acronyms? LD / RC / ND / FA etc)

edit: nvm, I do see it. I wonder how I missed it. The firefox search did not find it for some reason, now it does… weird. Anyway, sorry then.