The FILD tech (was HILD) part III

This is part III of the big FILD topic. The first parts can be found here:
part I
part II :cool:

Ok, so last night I decided to try this technique, and it worked amazingly.
I went to bed and slept normally, and woke up in the middle of the night (as i normally do). I remembered to try the piano-finger-movement, and after a while, i got a feeling that reminded me of when I WILDed (the one time that i ever did :tongue: ) and sat up and did an RC (pinching my nose). I could breathe, but i couldn’t see very well, and had difficulty moving. Probably because I was afraid that if i moved to fast that i would move in real life and wake up. anyways, I don’t remember much after that, except that i tried it again when i woke up and got a similar result.

This technigue doesn’t really work for me… I’m never tired enough to fall asleep while movin my body. Even if I work out more than usual I just feel that my muscles are tired, not me.

This tech seems amazing, so I’ll try it tonight and post the results tomorrow. I hope it works!

Edit: Unfortunately, I forgot to set my alarm for 5-6 hours after I went to sleep, so I couldn’t try it…

I could also try this technique. Sounds very interesting, although I hear that you only get low level lucids with this. And I think the reason you move your real body instead of your dream body, is because your real body hasn’t had the time to get paralyzed yet, and then it involves in waking you up.

This could be useful since I wake up a lot at nights when I’m using auto suggestion (Which are not FA s). :happy: Seems to be great tec!

This technique sounds good i just dont know about the moving my hand to cover my nose because i might wake up.

I tried it last night. I woke up, got up, went to the bathroom and got back in bed. I was tired when I woke up but I wasn’t when I got back in bed. After a while I felt a sensation go throughout my body, like someone was blowing hot air in my body. It did this three times and I thought I was in a dream. I did a RC and I wasn’t in one. I did it two other times with an interval of a few minutes as suggested and it didn’t work that night.

Wow this technique sounds really reliable and seems to have a quite good success rate.
I’m going to try it tonight, I can image that this technique works. I often when I wake up to go to school hit the snooze-button and in these 10 minutes of snoozing I’m inbetween dreamworld and reality atleast this is how it feels, because you slip into dreamworld really fast.
Ill report my experience tomorrow or so…
e: I’ve set the alarm clock the wrong way, gonna try it this weekend :smile:

So compared to MILD how well does this work?

The very first time I tried this technique i had a LD :happy: ,and in it i actually completed a quest :content: This technique is awsome!next time i get a LD using it ill post it here :cool:

I really like the simplicity of this tec, but I have a problem. Whenever I try to do it, my mind eventually wanders and I stop concentrating on my fingers or stop moving my fingers or both :sad:
Anyone have any tips to stay focused?

I finally got around to trying this technique again this morning. I counted the wiggles of my finger to keep focused. I decided I would count to 100 and then do an RC, and lo and behold I could breath through my nose! During the count I could feel myself drifting and knew my body was falling asleep, but I kept counting to reach 100 and make sure I was well asleep before I tried moving. I opened my dream eyes, but then an outside noise woke me up.

So tips: Pick a number to count to, so that you don’t forget to do the RC. Depending on how long it takes you to fall asleep, it could be 100 or 20 or 500, but pick the number you’re counting to ahead of time and promise to stick to it, so that dream-logic doesn’t make you forget to do it (you can always adjust your number for next time).

You do NOT count while moving your fingers, you just estimate. It says so in the guide.

I’m improving on the guide. Hargart came up with a good idea but his technique isn’t perfect.

The most common problem is that people lose focus and fall asleep, forgetting to do an RC. Counting will help you keep focus so that you will do your RC after a certain amount of time. Counting isn’t necessary, but it helps. I strongly recommend it.

Yeah, counting works very well for me when I try WILD. I guess maybe I’ll try it with FILD sometime…

This method sounds good. I’m gonna try it tonight!

I’ve only tried this technique a few times, and one time when I tried it, I ALMOST became lucid.
I’ll try it again tonight.

I fell asleep. D:

I fell asleep too xD

im gonna try this tonight :grin: :grin: :grin:

This guide is really good, I love it.
I got my first LD from it.