the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 52

/me takes a moment to throw a pineapple at ebil shrimp for trying to recruit more members for the darkside :tongue:

:welcome: hello jellamartin, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
it’s possible to make low level LDs better by using commands such as “Increase Lucidity” etc, also stabilising techs work well too … rubbing your hands together and taking a moment to anchor yourself into the dream instead of rushing off to do things :happy:
Are you using WILD with WBTB? since WBTB will really increase your chance of experiencing a long LD :content: If you feel really tired when waking at night … FILD is a good tech to use and is a variation of WILD. You can find descriptions and links to all the known LDing techs in the knowledgebase forum :smile:
Finally feel free to begin a DJ in our dream journal forum and if you remember your first LD, we have a sticky topic for the first LDs of all members in the same forum :smile:

'ello jellamartin!!! :welcome:

As Moogle said, if you rub your hands or some other activity that engages your dream-body senses you can increase the dream’s vividness.

PS: The Animal Clan is another fun way to enjoy the forum, if I might advertise. (There are Dark SiDe members there too, ebil shrimp. Don’t hurt me!!!)

“i’d never hurt you” he says casually smacking him round the head with a spade

hunay is a girl :roll:
Well , welcome to all our new members :wave:

HEHE i like pineapples XD i guess the dark side doesnt sound so bad xD

well when I get LDs, its actually like pre-lucid or incredibly low.
The dream I had involved eating a Big Mac, and for some miraculous
reason I wanted to loose weight so I decided to eat one, but after that snapping back to the flow of the dream.
And when I rub my hands, should I do that if I’m trying to perform an LD
or while I’m in an LD? Because if in an LD, I can only control myself if I wanted
to do something to one of my surroundings, such as the Big Mac XD.
Nope I didn`t use WBTB, I figured I would get too lazy to get up.
(Actually no, I’m just trying my best not to be afraid of the dark :eek: )
By the way, is FILD the same as FLD?(sorry, I’m very specific >.<)
And yes, as soon as I get my first LD, I will be sure to post it there ! :smile:
I’m just gonna keep trying for now on with different techniques,
and find out what works for me-- I am very, very desperate :bored:

once you become aware that you are dreaming, you should have control of your actions … so rubbing your hands is simple. If you are a disembodied observer then commands would work best.

FILD (previously known as HILD): Finger Induced Lucid Dream (in Pathways to Lucidity)
MILD/WILD related, instead of focusing on HI, move your fingers while getting back to sleep. link to topic and part 2 and the current part

Good luck :thumbs:

oooh i get it !
alrightey, thanks moogle ! :content: :content:
i`ll try out the FILD later, seems to work pretty well =D

:welcome: bobulator & jella!!
This is definitely a good place to share your lucid dreaming experiences and to learn how to do them. FILD is an excellent technique for beginners since it’s so easy to do, you might even get lucid on your first try!

thanks miles !
by the way, do you think it`s a good idea
to start off with doing a MILD first , such as writing
“i will be awake in my dream tonight” or something, 50 times,
then later when I get to bed, doing a FILD ?
Or should I just do one first ?

That would increase your chances of lucidity. But if you do FILD too then it wouldn’t make much sense to be writing all of that down when all that happens in FILD is being transfered into a dream. I would say do one or the other, but not both. Do FILD + WBTB.

okie got it.
When doing WBTB, does it make you lose sleep too ?
I’m afraid that might happen to me >.<

The most time you can spend awake is usually 90 minutes but you can go to 10-60 or however much you feel necessary.

Hello everyone, I joined here a while back and forgot I had joined. I think this is my first post. I’ve had lucid dreams as far back as I can remember and started having them on purpose some time in the 80’s. I’m going to go have a look around the forums and see what interesting discussions are going right now.

Welcome back, IThinkTherefore ! :beer:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
/me hopes you don’t forget us again :wink:

I think you would probably like the lucid adventures forum, we run a different official quest every month … this month it is read the book of your Life
Please post in the Sticky: what is the 1st dream you remember? Part II topic … we also have a first lucid dream collection in the DJ forum if you can remember the first time you became lucid :dream:
Finally … moogle spams the 30 years or older topic :wink:
I hope you enjoy your time here :grin:

:welcome: IThinkTherefore!!

Back in the 80s? :wow:
You must have some interesting dreams in there somewhere. Good thing you came back!

Hahah! Hello, I’m new… my mate directed me here after we got all excited about lucid dreams at school. =P We had nothing else to talk about…

Anyway, it seemed interesting, so I read about it last week, and amazingly that night I had my first of 3 in the space of a week! =D The first wasn’t that great, but the most recent went well, still can’t make things transform yet though. =/

Yeah, so, that’s enough about me… hello people! =]

:welcome: Neptune!!
Always a good thing to have a friend also interested in lucid dreams than one that makes fun of you for practicing it. Congrats on your three LDs too! :happy:

Hey, Neptune! :wink:

Congrats on the LD’s. The more you practice the better they get! :grin:
It’s great to have a friend interested. You can motivate each other. I’d be a very happy guy if I could talk about dreams all day long. :shy:

See you around.

Hello! I go by many names, but I decided signing up here that I’ll use my favorite - I’m not telling. :tongue:
I got into learning how to lucid dream a few days ago, and I’m planning to use the experience to help with my Final Project in school. Basically, we get to pick whatever topic we like and research it, before we create our final art piece on or inspired by it. I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew with researching the connections between Sleep/Dreams/Hallucinations (and lucid dreaming), but I’ve had enough sucess so far that I’m not willing to drop something I think is that interesting. :wink:

I’ve experiened a few pre-lucid dream states before, ranging from a very clear segment from a dream when I was little where I knew that “something isn’t right”, to an odd case of sleep paralysis and interacting with hypnogogic imagery last year, while taking a nap in a car. I’ve also had a certain degree of sucess with WILD so far, but I haven’t experienced a lucid dream as of yet.

I hope my entire experience here will be fruitful, and I also hope that I don’t manage to say something not-quite-so-smart here (I’m prone to doing that on foums, no matter how hard I try).

Love and cookies!