The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II

The FILD method has been stickied now. It’s a WILD variation and it’s fully explained in the first post of part I.

I tried this technique and it seems to be working. I fall into a low level lucid dream. I’m just moving my fingers and falling asleep before even performing a RC and becoming lucid.

Although they have been low level lucid dreams and fairly short. Other lucid dreams i’ve had were through MILD and Auto-Suggestion and have been more vivid and controllable.

But the success rate i’ve been having with this particular technique is awesome. I just have to work at getting my lucid dreams to be more vivid and controllable with this technique. :cool:

This technique is really great, congratulations to hargarts. My only problem is that I’m so tired lately that I fall asleep before I even begin with the finger movement. I’ll try out the thing with the hands forming the upside down V, it sounds interesting…
A lot of people who post here say that their LDs are not very vivid when they use this technique. Maybe it would be useful to combine this method with “The Lucid Pill” to increase lucidity…

Those were exactly my thoughts, you should take the pill the moment you become lucid and you’re still in your bed, telling yourself that it will increase your clarity.

Oh and I too also notice that Im dreaming before doing the RC, but I do it anyway just to confirm.

Ugh. This just isn’t working for me. How much do you actually move you’re fingers? I know I’m doing something wrong.

You don’t need to move them too much… Just enough so that you can feel the muscles in your fingers/hand flex. If you do it right they won’t even lift off your bed.

I’m gonna give this a try tonight…

Instead of just moving my fingers at some random interval, I’m going to try and time it in my head so that I move a finger every second. Maybe this will cause me to focus on my finger movement more. The biggest hurdle in this tech is trying to focus on your fingers without thinking “I want to fall asleep”. This might work… I’ll post results.

Do you have to focus on your fingers? Or just let them do their work and try to fall asleep?

As has been said before, trying to fall asleep will ensure that you dont. And as said before keep your focus on the upcoming reality check.

With “trying to fall asleep” I didn’t mean focus on it, I meant free my thoughts and let the process of falling asleep take place like you go asleep at night.

But when I do my finger movement I have to either focus on it or free my mind. What should I do?

This tech is simply…awesome!

My alarm woke me up after 3 hours. I had it on vibrating, so it pulls me out of the dreamstate slowly. So i wake up, immediatly remember this tech., go for some water and came back to get to it.

I lied down, and was thinking “Man, i don’t think i’m that tired yet to start moving my fingers; i’l try to relax more”. I popped in the earphones to listen to the LD induction mp3, and started relaxing.

I honestly wasn’t that tired, or so i thought. While “waiting” to get relaxed, i had slept. But i guess since i had the thought of doing this tech. in a minute strongly fixed in my mind, i must have done it when i just had started dreaming (it could be that the mp3 helped though). In the bed, i remember thinking “Ok stop moving your fingers, RC now”. I did, and woah, it was a dream. Suddenly, i wasn’t in my bed anymore.

And i went on to have one of my best LD’s, on my first attempt of “HILD”.

Definatly going to be doing it everynight!

I hope the mods sticky this soon, there has been no technique in the history of lding with such a high rate of return for such a diverse amount of people.

Yeah, I have a similar problem. I worry so much about falling asleep that I forget that my fingers are supposed to anchor me to reality and end up not doing the RC.

Can I do this reality check if I just close my nose without using my hand? Just, you know close it. Does that work too?

Oh wow, I just re-read Hargarts instructions post and realized what I am doing wrong; he says that you should wait to do the finger movement until you are about to fall asleep; I’ve been doing it as soon as I wake up in the middle of the night. Tonight I’m going to make sure I wait until I’m close to the point when you’re slipping into sleep.

Wait, how can you close your nose without your fingers? With your toes? A nose plug? :confused:

Well, however it is, i guess that would still work since all you need to check is if you can breathe with your nose closed or not.

I tried doing this before, but I always feel that my fingers have stopped moving and when I do the RC I’m still awake. I wait for a few minutes before RCing too. Maybe I should keep trying. =D

Lol, I knew this question would come. How am I gonna explain this? I’m using my nose, no other part of the body to close it. When I speak like this, it sounds like I have a cold. Am I the only one that can do this? I guess not…

You mean like, closing the pathway to your nose in your throat, so you can only breathe through your mouth. And then closing your mouth, so that you can’t breath at all.

Why didn’t we all think of this before? It has got to be the least conspicuous RC ever. Finally, our days of hearing “umm… why are you holding your nose while staring at it with one eye closed?” are OVER!

But, since that little muscle in our throats is so easy to use, it could be that when we just begin to dream, we’d still close our physical nose like that. It will take experimentation.

/me feels like a hero now.

I haven’t thought of closing my mouth, just trying to breathe through the nose while closing it. But this is good, so there is actually no way to breathe, except opening it, but you can feel the difference of breathing through the closed nose or opening it and breathing then. Maybe some experienced LDer has to try this out.