Over motivation

I am having problems about inducing Lucid Dreams. I don’t know what are my mistakes. I know that I can hardly WILD - I have tried this for some time, But I never got even to the beginning of SP. I have decided to try MILD. It didn’t work well either, But I realy don’t know why. One of the best examples for that was a night in which I was a hundred percent sure I will Lucid dream. I was so self confident, That I thought the laws of nature itself demand that I have a LD. I hadn’t. I tried changing where I slept. Nothing worked.

So far, The few LDs I had were only induced by chance. At times it was when I let go of LDs, at times it was when I didn’t.

Anyone has any idea about what can I do? Perhaps I need to change my way of thinking? Can you help me with that?

Maybe you could move onto a different technique? HILD/FILD is a very simple and easy to use technique. It’s somewhere in the pathways or quest to lucidity forums. i think its stickied.

EDIT: I found it. It was in the Pathways to Lucidity and it was stickied. HILD/FILD Technique.

Thanks For your reply. I think it will work for me - I have enough disbelief in that.

Perhaps try VILD? maybe combine WBTB or CAT

I Think one of the tricks is to fall asleep when you are thinking about LDing for me i find that i generally dream well if i do that, for the past two days i havent even had any normal dreams but focusing brought them back again last night.

Just keep thinking about LD and think about all the different topics of it such as its definition, what are the two ways to enter one, what are the various techniques, what dreams/LDs have you had recently (for this go over them and note missed dreamsigns) etc etc.

From my experience is when I try too hard nothing gonna happen, but when I take a break I often get a LD.
For example, I really wanted to WILD. I tried it when I went to bed, combined with WBTB and during an afternoon nap but no success. So I decided only to remember making RCs through the day. I had 3.5 LDs in the last 1 1/2 week and thats very good for me.

So maybe just take break from methods and read a little bit about LDs and do RCs.

Good Luck!

LordLeckie - Can you please explain about CAT?

Canasta - I tried taking breaks. It didn’t work.