The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 41

What are your interests? bioengineering and nanotechnology! lol jk
How did you get here? wikibook on lucid dreaming mentions this forum a lot
Where are you from? california but i’m korean
What are your hopes and wishes? hm rich, famous, shake fergie’s hand, and be god? only in a lucid dream! :gni:

That’s one of the main reasons I’m trying it, aside from the fact that it looks very practical.

Not sure yet. They were all very short (I tried to exert too much control at once and forced myself awake).

Hi all, I’m new to this site, and just discovered the term Lucid Dreaming about half an hour ago. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine earlier, and he was telling me about how he had a dream last night in which he was able to control anything he wanted.
This came as a surprise to me, but not for what I am guessing is a normal reason. I thought all dreams could be controlled, and I can’t remember ever having a dream that I wasn’t in control.
So he tells me that this was a new experience for him and I am totally just dumbfounded, and start asking him if he has ever flown, manipulated the situation to his whim, controlled elements, mind controlled people, or any other of the thousands of great things that I thought were all standard dreaming tools. He tells me he hasn’t, he just knew he was in a dream because he would think of what would happen next and it would happen.

I have noticed some things in my dreams though, like if I start to read in a dream I’ll wake up after a page or two (or I can only read a few replies in a thread if I am browsing the internet in my dream).
I’d say 50% of my dreams are long logic problems that I have to solve (usually a maze of sorts, with many puzzles in them) the other 50% are real life based events that I have control over, with half of those being events that have happened, and the other half being events that take friends and situations I am familiar with and throwing them into a story.

So I am 20 years old (turned 20 last saturday!), and I sleep between 2 and 12 hours a night depending on what I am doing the next day. So I look forward to reading more about this, and browsing the forum.

Oh, another odd dream thing: for a few months when I was 15, I didn’t dream at all. I would lay down, fall asleep, and (what felt like) instantly wake up with it being morning. It’d be a quick “bam, out like a light” sleep and a blink later my alarm would be going off. I don’t think that has anything to do with this whole lucid dreaming thing, but I figured it would be neat to tell someone.

So in conclusion, Hi!

Wow!That is d a m n impressive, Bakudai. I have never heard of anyone with consistent control in dreams. I am jealous! Welcome to the forum, by the way.

P.S. I had another WILD today :smile:

Welcome everyone!

Also, I’m a doofus, what’s FILD?

:wave: hello CHOI

funny intro :thumbs:
I hope you enjoy the friendly forum atmosphere :smile:

:welcome: hello Bakudai

that must happen to a lot of natural lucid dreamers … since it is the norm and you don’t normally talk about it, you think everyone experiences the same thing while dreaming :eh:
You may get some new ideas of what to do in your dreams in the lucid adventure forum or the lucid lab forum.
a fun thing to do is to question your DCs (dream characters) :content:

congrats KingMikeII :yay: you may want to post in the rankings topic in the general lucidness forum Sticky: Competition rankings for February :wiske: (and don’t forget our dream diary forum too :wink:

Finger Induced Lucid Dream :peek: Sticky: The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II

I suppose I’m not REALLY new here, as I registered back in 2005 and made a few posts, then went away. However, my renewed interest in Lucid Dreaming is new; before, I was mostly interested in being able to do whatever I wanted in dreams, now my interests are more spiritual.

I consider myself to be a spiritual seeker. I look at the world, question everything, and attempt to figure out the biggest question of all: What’s going on? Through meditation, I’ve taken a growing interest in the importance of attention and awareness, and am attempting to grow in this area by increasing awareness in the Dream World, as well as the Physical World.

I’m hoping, like many other seekers before me, to attain a deeper understanding of the nature of reality. I want to get beyond seeing things as my mind and habits superimpose them on the world, wipe away that veil, and see things for what they really are.

And that’s about it. I hope there are a few of you here who walk a similar path, but even if not, I’m sure I will meet more than a few interesting and friendly people while I’m here.

Hi, everyone.


The Rev

:wave: hello The Rev and I suppose welcome back :happy:
I had noticed you were posting again and remembered the name as it is quite memorial :wink:

:wiske: we are all interesting and friendly people :wink:
I’m looking forward to reading all your future posts and hope you don’t disappear again :eh:

hey all i just joined yesterday, on my second attempt to LD via the WILD method I think i was quite close but got kinda excited and blew it, im usually quite relaxed so its frustrating. Anyway i started my dream journal 2 nights ago and ive remembered two dreamseach night with conciderably more detail the second time (where i was attempting MILD). Anyway i feel that was encouraging and im going to keep practicing, looking forward to getting to know you all!

:welcome: hello Jie :happy:
good luck on your lucid quest :thumbs:
it’s amazing how dream recall improves by just wanting to remember the dreams :smile:

Hiho Jie :content:

As moogle said, its amazing how the dj also makes wonders.

welcome to ld4all! :welcome:

Hello fellows,im very happy to find this place,because in the world around me,its hard to find people who dont look me with weird face when i talk about LD,and also hard to find people interesting to do it.
I was lucky to have the first LD in my very first try,and then see that waking,staying awake for 1.30 hour,is almost guaranteed to make you lucid!Then some other problems in the way,that i keep finding the answers here for all the obstacles.

Yo guys and girls! I’m a 16 year old boy from Norway named Benjamin and i just learned about lucid dreaming…
My interests are: Music (mainly punk and hip hop) girls friends and all that kinda stuff… :spinning:P so ordinary).
And while i already made this thread i where wondering… when i think, all i see is blackness and i kinda hear a voice in my head. I’m not seeing any pictures, and when i remember my dreams it is usually just like a weak and washed out memory… Its kinda hard 2 explain :razz:

So… cy4 0n t|-|3 f0r|/|

:welcome: NorwayBenny, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
do you keep a dream journal? … making an effort to remember dreams will often make the memory of them more vivid

yepp :slight_smile: started this morning. might be a coincident but i thought about remembering my dreams a whole lot the last few days and tonight i actually remembered two small parts from 1 or 2 dream :content:

nice stuff! keep it up and good luck. not that you’ll need it.

Hi NorwayBenny! :smile:
Don’t worry, keep writing in your dream journal, and your dream recall will probably come to you…

ok :content: thx for clearing things up a bit for me.
im going to try inducing a wild 2night, il post back in anything happens.

try WILD with WBTB , I’ve tried WILD alone many times but it’s never worked, much to my displeasure. WBTB is the way to go, helps an enormous lot.

ok man :content: i will.