Dictionary - explanations of Acronyms like LD RC etc

I like the term nested dream :yes:

about false lucid dream – well, in false lucid dream you don’t realize that you are dreaming, that’s what makes it false… but you do all kinds of things you usually would do when you are lucid. Like flying, walking through walls, using dreampowers, but you don’t have this click that you are dreaming.

edit: ah, i see what you mean now, the second description on FLD is not a FLD… some of those acronyms are from very far in the past when everyone was still trying to put names on different things, and some have evolved but never have changed in the dictionary. Good you pointed that out :smile:

only ND is already normal dream… that’s confusing if it’s also Nested Dream… but NND and LND could work :smile: - but i would say LND a lucid nested dream instead of a nested lucid dream. Depends which dream in-dream was lucid i guess.

I was wondering, is there an acronym for a dream in which you KNOW you’re dreaming, but it’s not really concious, more like dreaming that you’re lucid? Like, you know you’re dreaming but there’s no real click, it’s just kind of understood, and you don’t do anything about it and the dream goes on just like a ND, except you know you’re dreaming. It’s basically the exact opposite of a FLD. This is kind of a touchy subject because there’s a lot of debate over what can and can’t be considered lucid, but I think there should be an acronym for this because I and several others have experienced this before. I’m not sure what a good name for it might be, but I feel it should be added.

Or maybe I’m just crazy and am the only one who even knows what I’m blathering on about…

It’s been like three weeks with no reply…

Now I’m pretty sure I’m crazy.

Hmm, that’s interesting kaybee.

As of now, I don’t think there is an acronym for that, but I think Qu had started a topic about Fake Lucid Dreams (as opposed to false). I’m not sure if its the same though. (I can’t remember too well)

I’ll have to go check for that topic…

How about PILD?

I remember Wolf mentioning it in my DJ once. A PILD is when you have an injury IRL, but don’t in your dream. For example, an injured leg. You are on crutches IRL, but in your dream you walk perfectly well.

PILD = Pain Induced Lucid Dream

It could probably also be said IILD - Injury Induced Lucid Dream

Could also possibly work during an illness… SILD - Sickness Induced Lucid Dream

How’s that?

but SILD is stuffy induced lucid dream as patented in my DJ :tongue:

/me runs away

What about CAT?

I never thought about that before; wow, it really does seem like it could be an effective technique! It’d be pretty hard to be widely used, though, because we’d all have to be injuring ourselves left and right just for lucid dreams… :content: Ouch. But it does seem interesting.

Yeah, it can only be used when ill or injured, but it could be effective. Like I said, Wolf mentioned it a while ago in my DJ, back when I had injured my leg. He said he knew someone who had used it effectively.

isn’t that more like a variation on reality checking though?

I would say it is.
Is is just like looking at your hands to see if they are different.

I think we’re going a bit too far with creating acronyms for everything. It makes it all less accessible to new members, who are very likely the most needy, having absolutely no idea about the whole thing yet. This could eventually reach a point where we don’t say acronym, but instead just ‘A’, and there will be acronyms for ‘night’ and for ‘bedroom’, and acronyms for ‘wake induced lucid dream with the aid of a small colourful dirigible tethered to the big toe of the right foot’, and another acronym for ‘wake induced lucid dream with the aid of a small colourful dirigible tethered to the thumb of the left hand’.
I think the acronyms at the top of this page are perfectly enough, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to type the occasional thing out in full.
That’s what I think anyway.

The actual text in the first post says

but the pop up bubble says
Astral Projection - similar to Out of Body Experience - Out of Body Experience - Similar to a lucid dream but the person claims to be out of their body.

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so i see

which isn’t helpful

Heres one i thought of in relation to the “Dreams within dreams” topic in General Lucidness

DreamVision/s(DV): A phenomenon where a dreamer experiences a “dream within a dream” or a moment where they have a fantasy/vision/hallucination (often visual) within a dream.

This would be say a moment in a dream where you are doing something (anything) and suddenly you have a short (usually) intense (also usually) vision/visualisation/fantasy/hallucination that is seperate from the situation you were in before but after which you return to the original location (im fairly sure that dosent usually happen in normal dreams after you go somewhere else possibly meaning that you remain in the location and visualise it rather than the standard “random teleport” of dreams.

I saw the acronym “FILD” somewhere. What does it mean?

It would be finger induced lucid dream.
Short tutorial:
FILD tutorial
Pathways topics:
[HILD] Hargart’s Induction Technique Log
The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II

SILD - Statement induced lucid dream - Using a statement in a lucid dream to make the dreamer have more lucid dreams.

DGILD- dirty glasses induced lucid dream
you where a pair of cheap glasses that you filled in with a color sharpie to bed so you you might question why your vision is not say pink and then realize your dreaming/

The word NDE, cant you fix the explanation so it says: Near Death Experience- an experience where you feel like fading away from reality (GHOSTIE)

Just a suggestion :cool_laugh:

No, because that isn’t the definition of a NDE.