Acting out my Lucid Dreams?

Hey, everyone. Obviously, I haven’t had my first LD as yet. However, the thing that has been gnawing at me for a while is that is it possible that your physical body can move while you’re in a lucid dream? I don’t wanna end up trying to fly off my stairs IRL :eek:

Thanks for any and all posts!

there is Sleep Paralysis for a reason :content:

No, don’t worry. Our body has an inbuilt protection to protect us from acting out our dreams. That’s called sleep paralysis.

Not unless you already suffer from sleepwalking with normal dreams. Usually, when I try to become aware of my sleeping physical body (like I’ve heard a lucid dreamer say it was possible for him to do,) I just can’t help waking up.

Thanks. Yes, I knew about SP, but I was just worried, lol.

You don’t have to worry about acting out your dreams at all. If you happen to start moving your physical body during a dream, the dream would dissipate, and you would wake up.