Acting without results.

For over a week or so last December, I really tried hard and was really committed to becoming lucid. Even though I felt close, I gave up. I didn’t really start to become interested again until recently, though. Throughout those 4 or so months between December and April, I still could vividly remember my dreams from the previous night without actually trying.

I would really like to achieve lucidity, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I follow the directions, but have yet to have any results. Is it that I’m doing something wrong or is it just a matter of time issue?

Its good that you have strong dream recall.

What techniques are you using? How long did you try?

I recommend MILD + WBTB.

What you did wrong was giving up after one week. Stay, positive keep trying and start doing RCs.


I tried really hard to have an LD for about 5 months with no luck. I didn’t really put a lot of effort in for a while, but then recently I decided to catch up on organising my DJ. That night I had my first LD :content: One without any proper technique.
Even though it’s my first proper LD from a lot of work, I get the feeling that now i’ve had the first one, more will come a lot easier.

So in other words, definately dont give up because you don’t see imediate results.

I would ask the same question than Asclepius: what technique were you using?

I’ve mainly been focusing on MILD.

Does methods really work?
is it not just your own mind by creaying biological alarmclock i think thats all about that because thay say you can oly lucid dream in your REM well i had lucid dreams i nthe beginning of going to sleep still being lucid aobut me lying on mybed and stil ldreaming lucid at the same time?

Did you notice some changes in your dreams since you use MILD? That is, dreams which could have been lucid, dreams about dreamsigns, dreams about dreams, dreams about lucid stuff, dreams in which you wonder if you are dreaming, etc?

Well, sometimes in the mornings when I am dreaming, I will contiously know I’m dreaming, but never think about going lucid. Is there a way to fix this too?

If you know you are dreaming, then it means that you are lucid. So what is your problem and what were your expectations (in brief, what meant “lucid” for you?)

I don’t know how to explain it. It’s almost like WILD. I’m sort of sleeping and sort of awake. It’s like I know I’m asleep but my mind thinks that everything going on in the dream is normal.

It’s perhaps something what some dreamers call the “'intermediate state”. When practising WILD, you believe you’re still awake but lots of things could prove you that you’re asleep. Or it’s a very low lucidity level and you go with the flow. You could perhaps try to perform a RC when you reach this state. Many WILD’ers have to perform one to fully realize they are dreaming.