Acupuncture and its effect on LD?

has anyone had acupuncture to unblog their chi? i knew someone for 2.5 seconds who had mentioned that she had an acupuncture session once a week for 6 weeks. She said that her memory got better and she began to have feelings of euphoria.

i was just wondering if anyone knows how acupuncture affects dream recall/LDing or anything in general, really.

Interesting. I used to IMS (intra muscular stimulation), which is a type of accupuncture, two times per week for a year. I didn’t really notice any differences in my dreams, although I wasn’t interested in them 2 years ago. The results would probably be a little bit different though, as IMS is an EXTREME version of accupuncture. ie painful :razz:

ouch! :eek: thats some intensive therapy :tongue: . i imagine the results would be a bit different because the acupuncture she described was painless. i guess i will have to explore this myself one day :content:

… the message self destructed after 3 days.

:content: youre quite right, im sure. but perhaps, just perhaps, if paired with real dream and sleep yoga it would have a catalytic effect. i want to try this, but not until im ready to commit to tibetan dream and sleep yoga. i dont want to give only half a heart to sacred techniques, just doesnt seem right.