ADA progress

All my lucid dreams have been DILD, and i think i am at around 10 now. in the last 3 days i have had 2 lucid dreams, that i can remember atleast, i feel like i have had ld moments that i cant remember. If you go back to my post you will probably see that i am really set on getting enough sleep :lol: . my goal is 10 hours of sleep a night. Anyway since i dont wanna interrupt my sleep i am going to try techniques that will give me DILDs. The best and most promising technique i have found for that is ADA. however my approach is gonna be a little different in the start. for the couple first weeks i am going to do it in sessions, where i spend 3-5 minutes simply being aware of my surroundings and body sensations (gravity, and cloths and such).

so i thought that i might aswell share my experience with you since there is probably others with the same goals as me. However i will only be updating this weekly instead of daily. another thing i want to add is that i have been meditating for around 40 minutes every day, doing rc checks with the sessions, noting in DJ and also listening to subliminals simply to increase how much deep sleep and rem i get (i use a sleep analyzing clock)

so here we go :mrgreen_hat:

Week 1 - It has now been a week and 2 days. and i have to say that this is hard! however i have experienced an increase of the vividness in my dreams but i havent recorded them lately because i got a bit distracted from sleepovers and such. and i also find it hard to practice when im with friends for example, but i will keep trying this week, however i am going on some trips in the weekend and week afterwards so ill see how it goes.

Week 2 - Mayor progress this week, altough i havent been able to do ada as much as i want i have been trying to simply be mindful. and throughout the day i will stop and simply notice everything around me and how beatiful and detailed per example that tree is. Last night i even had a lucid dream and my dreams have been so much more vivid and detailed. I also got etwold yesterday so i am very excited :content: will continue this until the next week. i also go home again next week so it willl be a little easier to practice

Week 2.2 - I just wanted to say that i had another lucid dream, clearer and vivider than before. I had immense control and it was the first time i managed to teleport and fly without an item for the first time. I am really motivated again and ready to go in for full. this is my second dild this week :smile: and its only wednesday.

How is it going so far? :cool:

i will update it now, been hell of a lot travelling lately hahah so my connections is kind of eh haha

well its now the end of the summer, and i have been bad at updating this. but i do wanna say that ada is a very effective method. simply after 1 day of ada after a long pause will give me around 3 lucid dreams a night. i will probably update this post further if i have any breakthroughs. But in conclusion this is a Very effective methode!!