ADHD? Will that affect me?

I have severe ADHD and I’m curious if that will affect my attempt at lucid dreaming. I have not had one yet, however, I’ve only been trying for a week or so now. The thing is, as I lay in bed saying silently to myself ‘when I fall asleep, I will recognize that I am dreaming’ I quickly veer off topic and end up thinking about something completely unrelated.

Sorry, can you explain what ADHD is? :smile:

I had ADHD, but I don’t believe it will affect your lucid dreaming ability. I usually WILD into a dream, though I think MILD is harder to do with ADHD.

You don’t know :eek: ? Hm, thought it was a pretty worldwide-known thing, ‘ADHD’ does stand for English words… :smile:

Oh well, anyway, ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it’s a disorder common among children but also known among adults.

When you’ve got the disorder, it pretty much means that you’ve got difficulty keeping attention to some tasks and occupations. You can’t really concentrate, so you’re distracted pretty damn fast, specially when you’re doing something you don’t like. When you’re doing something you do like, you can focus a lil’ bit longer. People that witness this often have the reaction ‘see ? you can do it if you want to’, which is (unfortunately) wrong. You don’t have control over your attention span.

The hyperactivity part in the abbrevation is pretty self-explanatory I think, you’re hyperactive. You can’t sit still, you’re active and you’re very impulsive: you do before you think.

Also, and this part is maybe the most interesting for dreaming, you can experience having trouble with details, being forgetfull and often having lost something because you don’t know where you put it.

[size=84]How do I know this ? I have a lot of symptoms of ADHD, so I checked out a site about it :tongue:. I also don’t have a lot of the symptoms (for instance: I’ve got quite a good memory and I can focus for a long time on something interesting :smile:)[/size]

I will say No. My son is also diagnosed with ADHD. He had a lucid dream about 2 weeks ago. [size=9]I’m so proud of my baby[/size]

You can definitely benefit from LDs even with ADHD. Keep practicing and you’ll get lucid. We’ll help you.


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I have ADD and I’m able to get stable lucid dreams. Just keep practicing.

Hi espbanez, welcome to the forum! :wave:

You can search (yellow button at the top of the page) through the forum for ADHD, especially in the First Steps forum and the Quest for Lucidity forum. I remember I’ve seen several threads about it. Some people here have ADHD and they have lucid dreams. By the way, the fact you quickly go off topic when you try to focus on something is absolutely normal and very commonly experienced by people who don’t have ADHD. Another thing: when you repeat mentally an autosuggestion sentence, you don’t have to repeat it over and over (unless you try to WILD). 20x times is enough but you have to be deeply convinced of what you say.

iv had ADD all my life… i cant speak for other people with add or adhd, but i think whatever chemical balances in my brain make my dreams better…

most normal people i talk to say they never even remember their dreams. iv never had a problem with that my whole life… and my dreams have always been vivid entertaining and sometimes a little crazy.

add a few lucid dreams a month to that, and id say that ADD has only affected my dreams in a good way, because of whatever chemical balance in my brain makes it the way it is.

ADD and ADHD is the same thing ?

ADD = Attention-deficit Disorder
ADHD = Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Notice that people who have ADD do not suffer from hyperactivity. But when it comes to lucid dreaming, it is assumed that they would both have the same effects.

(edit) Correction: I looked up Attention-deficit Disorder and Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on Wikipedia, and they seem to be the same thing, you’re right.

Thanks for the help guys. Glad to know I’m not going to miss out on lucid dreaming. I’m really looking forward to it.

espbanez: The only thing you’ll really have to work hard at is to continue to concentrate on the fact that you want to remember your dreams and lucid dream (before you go to sleep). If you can get that down, you should be fine. :smile:

The only thing I think ADD would affect is the ability to concentrate while using WILD or MILD. Try it out, but you may be better suited with WBTB. I have mild ADD, and this is true for me. I also find sublimial message and hypnosis tapes to be an extremly effective autosuggestion method. You don’t even need to pay attention, just listen.

And for the one that got ADHD do you feel excited in your dream , like if you have the sickness or your just normal dream life ?

ADHD could be bad or beneficial, usually people with ADHD will be very focused on tasks they find relavent to themselves (iirc) so if you like lucid dreaming, maybe it will focus you more towards lucid dreaming.