Adrenaline fueled lucidity?

Last night I was in a dream, and in my dream, I was completely alone. All of the sudden i heard what sounded like a gunshot or loud engine running. I looked around but there was still nobody there! All the sudden I thought to myself “Oh my God, that could be in real life! I could be in danger!” and woke myself up. I was not lucid until I heard the sound.
It was like my brain was producing a hormone to keep me not-lucid, and then it switched to producing adrenaline and stopped with the other and allowed me to become lucid lol…

I’m not sure it was the adrenaline that made you lucid. I know that I personally have had several normal dreams where my heart was racing from fear, yet I do not become lucid. What you experienced could be the result of you questioning your reality after a bizarre event. Whether you perform reality checks frequently throughout your waking life or not, you’ve still read about questioning your reality and everything else related to lucid dreaming, which could then in turn trigger a sudden thought in your dream.

At any rate, that’s pretty awesome! Too bad you woke up. I hate becoming lucid and then waking up shortly after.

It always happens to me!!! In my dream, I go “I must be dreaming…” then Im looking at the ceiling of my room! It makes me so mad…

As you said though, I wasn’t scared in the dream. I was only scared after I realized it could have been in real life.