Advice/Help Needed

I have Windows XP. Recently my computer made me into a limited account. I am supposed to be an admin as it is my computer and now I can’t do things like install programs. :grrr: There is another admin but I do not know his password. Does anyone know of a way to change a limited account to an admin or how to find out somebodies password.

ANy advice or help is greatly appreciated :wink:

I wish i could help you Lucidity_Master …but i cant :sad:

Anybody else can help Lucidity_Master with his problem?


If its a Dell Machine, the default admin password is the serial number. If the admin’s a butthead who wouldn’t go through the trouble of changing it that’s one outlet.

Dunno, if you were to post this on a computer hacker site message board they would have a hundred different ways, but those guys are usually elitists…

Or 31337-ists? :cool_laugh:


You account can only be made “limited” by someone in your account or the other admin.

Ask the other admin to give you back your admin rights.

There is another way around it, however as i do not know you genuinely had access to a admin account it would be inapropriate for me to tell you how to do such a thing.

no offence but for all i know you could really be a teenager whose dad disabled him from adding programs and you just want to get around it. - it might not really be your computer you want to access etc.

the best i can offer you is to catch the other admin and ask his password.