Advise me please

I’ll try and be concise because the scope of this topic is rather broad: Nowadays I can have a short LD every time I take a nap, it’s pretty much guaranteed provided I have LD in mind as I go to sleep. Now I’m facing the difficulties of controlling my dreams. I thought I’d be able to summon fortresses and an army to lay siege to them, but so far I can’t even produce an egg. My problems are as follows:

  1. Dream length: My dreams don’t last long. Now, I suspect they pretty much take place in real-time. I think my last LD lasted 4-5 minutes within a five-minute nap, which is quite time-efficient. Actually the LD part of it seemed like a minute and a half long. My question: Why do dreams end so abruptly (I wasn’t particularly excited last time), and do you have any advice for prolonging LDs?

  2. Actual control: This is a tricky one as I’ve learned. I have very particular objectives for each lucid dream, in the form of: When I next go lucid, I’ll summon an egg. Problem is, last time I felt compelled to run, run and then run some more, completely forgetting my assigned goal. The question: is there a problem with my resolve, is this lack of control common, and do you have any advice for getting myself to focus on my goals while lucid?

More questions to come later…

You probably felt compelled to run as you SC is telling you to follow your normal dream path. You could try shouting no or throwing yourself on the floor to stop you from running. Stand there and become fully focused on your task and try to block out any unwanted thoughts telling you to do something else.

As for summoning an egg or anything else try:
Just know and fully believe that when you look up/in your hand it will be there
Expect to find it in your pocket/behind a door
Yell out the word / Demand for the item to appear

Meh… i hope this helps a bit xo