Affecting Waking Reality through Dreaming

Does anyone have any examples of affecting waking reality through lucid dreaming in a meaningful way? :smile:

in short, i used confronting fears in my dreams/lucids which made me more confidante and actually less afraid of things.

is this the kind of change your were asking about? or did you mean something… else?

I assume you mean something along the lines of impacting physical reality in an observable and measure-able way. Actively impacting waking reality from the dreamspace rather than simply extracting info from the dreamspace (i.e. like a precog dream).

If you read the main article in this edition of the LDE:

I discuss various experiments and experiences with Robert Waggoner. One was what seemed to be a very correlated interaction with my dog wherein I apparently healed her of an incurable disease. The more scientific example is my experiment with the Psyleron device. I’m pointing you here as I don’t see an easy way to attach a file to this post. Suffice it to say, I have done many experiments where there is an apparent interaction between myself (the lucid dreamer) - the dream version of the psyleron - and the waking reality psyleron. Basically it appears I can affect a real world device from the dreamspace.

The real trick here is that the psyleron leverages principles of quantum mechanics to generate its random number stream. But the quantum layers are exactly the layers of reality that appear slaved to human consciousness.

exciting! im going through a similar goal in my experiment, i have no idea what a psyleron is, i just googled it to find the site.

ill look into the link you provided.

link doesnt work ):

If you go to the welcome page, they mention the site got hacked and needs to be rebuild. Looks like ALL old copies of the LDE are unavailable.

I could mail you a PDF copy if you are interested. Just PM me an e-mail. Otherwise I presume they will fix their site in due course. F’in hackers. Got nothing better to do with their time apparently.

many years ago i spent some time focusing on this, and this was at at time when I was lding each night. I was not able to impact the physical world in the sense of moving an object for example, however I was able to bring things into my life. I am sure you have heard about the laws of attraction? well in short its nothing short of focused energy, and while in dreams you will find (if you can control it) a little more ability to craft what you would like to enter your life. Where you put your energy, your mind and world will follow so in that sense, yes you will have the ability to impact your waking life .

Looking further, yes fears are something that is amazing to overcome and a direct impact is evident (this is how I overcame a lot of my early childhood fears) also your creativity will increase as will your confidence. You will be able to become more direct in waking life and personally I found that the more I spent in lucid dreams , the more spiritual I also became in waking life - not defined under a particular name more of an essence.

can you sahre more about how you went about attracting things into your waking life from the dream?

If that question was aimed at me, I can give a rough idea sure, but as for the details no sadly, I do not understand the principles well enough to convey them in a way that will help I’m afraid.

As for the general, the idea works like this. Energy goes where focus stays and if you are focusing on a particular event, you are more likely to see that event in some form, materialise in your waking life. Now before I sound too abstract and too metaphysical let me clarify with an example.

Say perhaps you were looking for a new job, something you were very passionate about and were seeking that an opportunity arise in your life. Well by applying your mind in both a lucid dream and also your waking state you are actively seeking a new opportunity, thereby you will be more likely to notice one when it comes your way whereas before you might not have been paying attention so therefore blind to that particular opportunity. On its most basic level, this is how when you start thinking about something, you see it everywhere - if you ever have the chance have a read over some marketing text books and materials , it will give you insight there.

But to the area I can not clearly answer, is what happens when the items, events or things that come into your life were directly impacted by a lucid dream or a dream in general - and its important to understand a very direct question - did the dream bring forth the event, or, was it my focus which lead me to realise the event when it appeared.

I have brushed over the latter in the section above, but as for the former , it may be a matter of opinion but - I strongly feel that there are times when this has been and is the case.

A classic example might be a dream you have about an old friend or family member you have not heard from or made contact with in many years. You dream a lucid dream in which you see them and think about them in waking life and what they are doing.

The next day, with no prompting from yourself, they contact you.

From the dream? Same wave length? External events that cause you to think about that person and therefore dream on them, the same external events that they become aware of which makes them dream or act to call you - random chance that you only note because of your dream before?

Well, that is a personal choice to your direction of thought, but over my years and experiences, I have learnt that there is far more to this world and beyond than I ever thought possible, and because of that I turn to not use worlds like ’ can’t won’t or impossible ’ I find them too limiting and believe they close the mind, instead I would rather ask the question ’ why / how ’ I find it more useful to my personal direction.

So, based on the limited example I have supplied you, which do you feel?

Emotion is a powerful thing, both within the dream and while awake and in particular in a LD, there is a lot more power there than people think.

thank you TimeLess! i like minded mind, feel free discussing metaphysics with me, the LD on its own has huge potential, law of attraction does not have a time delay there as most cases in waking reality.

my question is did you use a LD to cause an effect on waking reality, can you give me a example of such dream?

why not both?
the things i think of when with such dreams or even more so i have a feeling of someone in waking life and a that day or a few after i tend to meet them. can be a person i only saw twice in my life or someone closer, it happened so much to the point beyond coincidence.
am i pulling events into my life or am i predicting them? sensing through reality?

Sure Awe,

I can use an easy example to start with.

Think about Fear - if you are afraid of something in waking life, you can face your fears in the dream and therefore overcome in the lucid dream and have a quick and direct response in waking life. Same of all emotions which is the key so keep that idea in mind.

Could I bring back a physical object? not yet :razz: maybe one day.

I have on occasions however, focused on new pathways in my life, and soon after have found a doorway open in the waking world. Take for example my current shift into IT - I dream about this pathway, then took up study and now have opportunities appearing. Laws of attraction or just good placement? both? :smile:

sure i used drams for fear before, its lots of fun!
what i mean in the question is were you ever able to manifest a chain of events using a lucid dream?


IT stands for Information Technology - ie computers.

Well if you are looking to ascertain if I dreamed a lucid dream with no direct bearing to my reality that altered my reality in waking, then yes but perhaps not in the way I think you are seeking.

If you look at overcoming fears as a chain of events yes, but no I have not tried to win the lotto through a lucid dream (although I do seem to recall an experiment here on LD4all regarding that so perhaps that dream just never came to pass)

I have had lucid dreams in which I have had meetings with old friends only to have them re enter my life again. I personally feel however that the majority of our physical lives are actually controlled by our mindset and internal energies, so with that in mind, if you have the ability to change that you have the ability to change your life and set of a list of events on a new pathway.

In my mind, there is not a great deal difference between external events and internal events, as that stream works both ways, one can not touch you without you touching it. So, if you can change your mind set through lucid dreaming and focus on bringing new things or events into your life, I believe you will start to actively seek them out, and then they will come. Much the same as a controlled goal in waking life, but the effects within a lucid dream can be deeper due to the immediate result experienced while asleep.

Does that make sense?

For me, lucidity in general feeds into an over-riding goal which spills into the day and, when practiced during the day, hopefully, spills over into the night during my dreams. The over-riding goal for me is ever increasing lucidity…awareness. Preferably the kind of awareness that harbors something of awe regarding life itself. During lucid dreams, a feeling of generalized awe always presides. What I’ve found is that a kind of weird combination of both awe and detachment are best for sustaining lucidity and being able to navigate all the weirdness that manifests in dreams. The more I practice upholding that state in daily awareness, the more that feeling of detached awe crops up during the daily dream. I figure, I’m only alive for a short while…might as well offer the best of my appreciation for whatever it is that I’m aware of. Dreaming awareness seems to be the best state to manifest that appreciation…and, as I slowly progress from day to day, I’m finding that that appreciation of dreaming awareness can be brought into daily awareness.

Hey Glypheye,

You may really enjoy this book then

Please don’t link directly to vendors. :ysim:

Dreaming While Awake by Arnold Mindell - this is from an Australian site but naturally you can get it anywhere or in e format.

Happy reading.

Downloaded it. Thanks for the tip :smile:

no problem, its an older book but it talks about being aware both while awake and while asleep, so I hope it is enjoyable.

makes perfect sense Timeless, bright minds…
i also completely agree with you Glypheye, you said it very beautifully.
ill check out that book as well, in time

ever awake i say!
No doubt No fear, Ever conscious Ever AWAKE.

Thank you TimeLess,
Your views are most enlightening.