Afraid to Move

Im fairly new to LDs and whatnot but i have been partly successful in a couple WILD attempts but Im not too sure as of what happened and Im hoping i can get an explination from one of the LD gurus that roam these forums :grin:

The very first time I ever tried to WIld i was laying in my bed next to my telephone. Why i mentioned the phone is because throughout the process i thought i was concious the whole time but when i finally decided to give up i looked at my phone and realized i had missed three calls. Therefore I had been asleep.

The next attempt at WILD was similiar in the fact that i thought i was concious up until i felt as if my soul was floating up out of my body as if i was underwater and it was pulling me to the surface. After about 5-10 minutes of that i decided to go ahead and try and spin about my axis, which i did easily and on command. I felt as if i was dreaming and i could get up and fly or something but I was afraid of moving because i didnt want to wake myself or move my real body by trying to move in the dream. This seems to be a huge obstacle for me and its something im struggling with trying to overcome. So if anyone has any comments or suggestions on what i should do, be it try a different method of acheiving a LD or really any other ideas would be appriciated. Thank you much

Even if you didn’t enter a dream, it sounds like you got quite far. Considering you’re new, I’d stay stick with WILD - you seem to be good at it (as oposed to me, who has never got anywhere with WILD).

None the less, here’s my advice:

Once you feel you’re in a dream… try moving. If you’re not, then it doesn’t matter. Either try again or go to sleep and try the next night :smile:.

Of course, like I said - I’m not a WILD expert, so someone else may have better advice.

everything you are doing is perfect for lucid dreaming and as you have discovered you are often not awake when you think you are.
Whenever you are trying WILD you should do a regular reality check,and the one you should use is to pinch your nose shut and try to breathe. If you can breathe through your closed nose you are dreaming (obviously), and this check is great for WILD because it does not rely on any dream imagery. Even without visuals, this check always works so give it a try. If you had done this check when you thought you were conscious it would have immediately told you that you were dreaming and made you lucid.
When you do this check and find that you are dreaming, don’t be afraid to move your body even if the feeling of being awake in your room seems totally real. No matter how real the illusion is, your real body will be paralysed and safely asleep in bed. You can now get out of bed and explore your environment lucidly. If you’re still not convinced at this point just repeat the check, you’ll get the same result.
This is how 90% of my lucid dreams start and it is an amazing way to become lucid.

nickspry, thank you so much!

I tried doing exactly what you said last night and it turned into my first lucid dream. the dream lasted what seemed like all night and it was vivid through the whole thing. thanks a lot and i owe my amazing first lucid dream to you.

Could I ask you what method you use to stay concious while you fall asleep? I have tried some but they don’t seem to work very well. Or anyone for that matter, I’m open to suggestions haha.

congratulations - I’m really glad this worked for you. It will be the first of many lucid dreams, so enjoy!
Best wishes.

I think that method work well for those who fall asleep faster, it can take up to several hours for me to sleep, so the staying concious and try to enter the dreamworld will never work on me I think, I would get to bored, and just fall asleep…

You’re right Lucretia88, WILD is said to work better for those who fall asleep quickly. But you should learn some relaxation method, it could help with your insomnia. :smile:

I am assuming that you are doing this when you would normally be going to sleep. I am assuming further that you go to sleep from around 10pm to 4am. Who is calling you in the middle of the night, and three times? Not that it has anything to do with your LDing, but is that normal for you?