Afterlife hypothesis

Hello, various users of LD4all.

I was talking to my mom and a friend of my parents about ghosts and various other paranormal phenomenon, where I brought up the subject of the afterlife.
I told them that I believed the afterlife is just like a lucid dream, a construct, built by your dreams, hopes and ideas. It can be your own personal heaven or hell.
I started thinking more about this and came up with the idea that maybe that afterlife can become immense, so immense in fact that we forget that it’s the afterlife.

See where I’m going with this?

I believe that somebody in this world is dead, and that this is their afterlife. We are merely pawns in a humongous simulated reality. But then again, what is real? If you suggest that real is what you can see, hear and feel, then real is simply nothing but electrical signals, interpreted by your very own brain. When you die, they say the soul is separated.
Maybe it gets connected to a huge hive mind, where billions of souls are connected, all sharing the same afterlife.
Or maybe, it’s a lucid dream, when it’s only you who is the true human, and all others are just imaginary beings. If it is, where is the real world? What does it look like?

I could go on and on, but let’s discuss further. What do you think?

Well I am a Christian and I already know what’s going to happen in the Afterlife. There are difference Religions that believe in different things though.

But how can anybody know for sure? We haven’t been there and returned from the dead, so who knows that’s really on the other side?

kT4all is right. What will happen in the afterlife is defined in the Good Book(thats the Bible, Jojje), and if you opened your mind, you would find proof all around you. Only the Creator knows what the afterlife is truly like. :angel_fly:

Well, I’m an atheist, and I keep an open mind, but I just don’t think the Bible is a good source (Sorry christians)
Everybody has a different opinion of the afterlife, and we’ll never know what it is until we pass on :wiske:
though it is open for speculation :shy:

I’ve heard that someone died and went to heaven for 90 minutes and came back to life. It was a book of course (it was nonfiction so it was real). Only Time will tell us.


I was talking to my mom and a friend of my parents about ghosts and various other paranormal phenomenon, where I brought up the subject of the afterlife.
I told them that I believed the afterlife is just like a lucid dream, a construct, built by your dreams, hopes and ideas. It can be your own personal heaven or hell.

You shoould really watch the movie" What Dreams May Come".
It has the same idea/concept and it will make you think.

Im a chistain, and i dont think the bible is a good source of information. BUT i do believe in God the creator. As you were saying, our reality does look like a dream. like somthing constructed. Heck even like a video game. You said it your self, this place looks like it was created, well it was. The after life is the orginal world, the world first created, the energy world. Earth only exists in order for original souls to be created. Reality is no lucid dream, because imaginary beings would be like robots, we would have no ablitity to think or feel, we would just be programmed that way. You dont create your own heaven. What some refer to as heaven is just the energy world. The original universe. Our universe is more like a puny little nursury compared to the ‘afterlife’ Universe.

Maybe this world isn’t the work of some stranger, nor a compilation of the collective population. Maybe it is just your own afterlife…Perhaps you’ve already died? :plotting:

Ok here it is. Lucid Epiphany and I talked about something he came up with. It goes like this: You get this feeling of lightness while your walking down a street or hall or something. He said that there might be a breaking point to get to the other side of the line. Who knows life could be a dream and we just don’t know how to do a RC. There are two people in the world:

  1. People that go with the flow of life
  2. People who stop and think about the universe
    That isn’t really what it was but it’s just a rough example of what I’m talking about. I’ll try and get LE on here and talk about it more.

I’ve got to say… that would really, really suck.

Why? hahaha. How would you ever know that you did in fact die? Perhaps this is all the same world, and the same people get reincarnated, with new souls thrown in for the extra population. Who knows. To be honest though, I sort of look forward to death. All these answers will be solved.

I do think though that people go to Heaven after they die though. Like my aunt, after her husband died, my uncle, she had a dream where Neil, my uncle, where he comforted her for her loss, saying that things were great, and for her to move on. Now, it could be her imagination thinking things up like this, but I don’t know. I don’t suppose anyone here will know until we actually die, to see if we can say goodbye to the people we loved. Hmm, so many thoughts…Like people who have near death experiences, and they see Heaven, and see the light, and feel an overpowering sense of happiness at the light…and waking up on the surgery table or dentist chair, etc.

Hmm, I have no absolute idea of where you may find yourself in the afterlife… only those who are dead know. I shall await death when the time comes, but until then… I will get to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I have to… otherwise I will have unfinished business. :grin:

Exactly my point, we may be living in our afterlife but we wouldn’t realize it because it’s so immensive.

I think I believe that when they have NDE’s, their brain is still active and is hallucinating.
That’s just my opinion though, might not be true.

I think some people here are mistaking belief with knowledge. Any dictionary will tell you that they are two diametrically different things.

I removed some posts that didn’t add anything to this discussion,
I hope you can continue the discussion now in the same manner as before those posts :content:

I was going to make a point, but Antonio (who recently went back to the original nickname, it seems :happy: ooh I hadn’t noticed!) already made it. :yes:

But here’s an example of what he says. So you have a partner, right? A girlfriend or a boyfriend or whatever. And you love them, dearly. You love being with them, talking to them, you’d let go of a bunch of things for them and not in the “make sacrifices” sense of letting go, as you’d be glad to do so. But still, they don’t seem to realize you love them. They keep asking: do you love me?, but is this for real?, you want to see other people, don’t you?, do you think I’m ugly? My question is: how do you feel? Well, whenever this happens to me, here’s how I feel: like an idiot. So I love a person, deeply, and try to show it to them, not as an effort, but because I love them so much I’ve come to live my life so as to show my love. And still they can’t see it? So all the things I doing, all I feel when I’m with that person— is it all worthless? How can they trash it so much?

Now lets say there is a god, and the god is somewhat like that “god of love” image you people have of your own gods, our creator and father or mother and whatnot. Right? Now, they probably feel just like the “you in a relationship” does: in dear love, an impulse to give without expecting anything in return; they made a whole world without a single evidence of their existence, performed the miracle of life and watches us without ever requiring anything from anyone, without ever demanding us to worship them in return for all they did to us. And we, in turn, say “we believe you,” and they smile because we acknowledge all they did to us. But we, in turn, say further: “but it would be like to be sure to know you’re there—you know, to be sure we’re not wasting our time with a figment of our imaginations, hehe” and start looking for evidence of their existence. Start to see a correlation between the god and the “you in a (tough) relationship” scenario? How do you think your god feels—if they indeed exist—when you say “alright, I’ll worship you, but only because I think this story I read on the internet is compelling enough an evidence that I’m not, you know, wasting my time.” Do we need evidence of their love? Otherwise we’d be doing something better with our lives? Don’t you think your god would feel a bit like an idiot when the best reason you have to believe them is reason itself?

That is the mystery of faith.

From your point of view, there’s more to it; I’m not going to get into that right now, as I frankly can’t be bothered, but belief should be, as far as I’m concerned, a one–to–one relation. One should never believe in god or whatever thing of sorts because of something someone else said; faith should come from you and you alone, and be directed not at other people—politicians, monks, scientists, the pope—but at god, and themselves alone.

So this is a note to all religious people in this topic (mainly the Christians): if you are going to join this discussion in order to force your views into others, and especially if you’re going to try to do so by means of rational argumentation, than this topic is worthless from where I stand. If you are to join the discussion, then don’t do it by means of borderline trollish “that’s a good idea, but if you were enlightened as I am, you’d see that’s not the truth,” especially if that truth you’re so sure about is based on someone else’s account of a near death experience. If you are to join this discussion, than please: join the discussion.

^^ enlightend as you are? Heh heh, if you think your enlightend than you have, no idea, there is much more to the nature of reality, the entropic level of which this anything exist is beyond such simple comprehension, there is no value of such action. Wiht the oppisite view the entropy it would take for existance would be virutally zero.

If you believe in science, and not faith then you should not believe in afterlife, reincarnation, or any other idea of the sort. But if you are of faith then you should say anything you like.
People of science: if you you believe in a magical wonderland, where everything is how you want it, your in control, then don’t make fun or patronize the people here who believe in god. its just hypocritical :meh: just saying

Reaper, you didn’t understand me; and to be honest, I didn’t understand half of what you said. :lol: I’m not saying I’m enlightened. Hell, in terms of spiritual beliefs I’m more of a scared person than an enlightened one: I’m an atheist. What I’m saying is: compelling evidence in the existence of {god, heaven, souls, afterlife} is irrelevant to both philosophical and scientific discussions (because they are evidence, not proof; and also because they are usually secondhand accounts, not simple, controlled–environment experiment results), and should be, from a pragmatic point of view, irrelevant on your formation of an epistemological or metaphysical point of view. In simple terms: saying “god exists, it’s proved” is illogic and, most of the time, rude to the people you’re talking to and, most surprisingly, to god themselves, should they exist.

Sultan, I don’t think there’s such a clear trade–off between science and religion, to the point of splitting people between “people of science” and “people of faith.” Faith and science themselves should not be mixed with each other in the sense that one can’t use a scientific argument to prove a transcendental point, nor use a transcendental argument to prove a scientific point; but people can pretty much choose if they’ll be scientific or religious (or both, as long as they can, without mixing the streams of reasoning, find arguments in both modes that reach the same conclusion) for every single topic they come across.

Plus, science itself, after all, can only create knowledge about that which can be verified. Since the existence of {god, heaven, afterlife} can’t be verified—that is, since it can’t be proved true or false—science is useless in this topic. So even if a complete “man of science” decided to join this discussion, they would have to do what everyone else is doing and debate in terms that are strictly philosophical or religious. When one says “there’s no such thing as a heaven because there’s no proof of its existence,” what that person is doing is affirming their religion. They are, by no means, being scientific in what they say. When someone says “there is such a thing as a heaven, because the people who’ve had NDEs and came back managed to describe it,” they are also being religious. In both cases, since the epistemology of thesis and justification are different, the arguments are fallacious. In simple terms: if you make an assertion based in certain views (say, religious), and then justify based in other views (scientific, for instance, or empiric), your argument is always either contradictory or invalid.

So what I’m saying about this discussion is the following: we’re talking about a metaphysical topic here, so science is useless in this topic. Using science here will, at best, bring far–fetched looking conclusions. Most of the time, it’ll look silly and contradictory. So keep science off the discussion, and please don’t try to force metaphysical world views into other users—it’s not polite, not logically rigorous, and it’s against the forum’s guidelines.