Afternoon Dream, 07/29/2014 (state machine):

A being appeared in the room in which I lay peacefully dreaming asleep in my bed. This being took hold of my shoulders and gently shook me awake, pulling me into a sitting position. My body remained prone, peacefully asleep. I recognized this being as myself. Yet, I too recognized that this being was a separate entity from myself, and furthermore that I had never before witnessed this being in any state that I could recall. The being smiled and snapped his/her left fingers loudly, abruptly, admonishing me to pay close attention, to focus upon the communication s/he was about to impart, while touching the center of my forehead with his/her right fingers. I interpreted the verbiage of the declarations in mammalian terms—but understood in non-mammalian concepts and as metaphor—as follows:

S/he said there is a progression that is common to all life. That is to say: Everything we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, feel, sense, perceive, know, believe, imagine … and everything that is beyond imagination. This progression describes the transitional states for dissemination and transference of information, energy, love and throughout the field that is everyone, everywhere, every-when, every-how, via the physical body. That progression is this:

the field requests
the heart sows
the right-brain nurtures
the left-brain tends
the body reaps
the mind propagates
the field receives
ad infinitum

seems like you had a meeting with another part of your complete self. sounds fun, what do you make of this?

Don’t know. Guess I was more interested in the message than the messenger …

yeah thats what i asked, are you into meditation/metaphysics?

Very cool :smile:

Do you think this progression proceeds of its own impetus? Or do you think the message is to try to put this into practice? i.e. is the message to “get out of the way…let it do its thing” kind of thing? Or…?

Just curious about your exploration of this description “how things manifest” in your own experience. Thanks for sharing!