Afternoon nap

It’s been about 4 years since my last lucid dream and about 6 since I actively read about and practiced it but yesterday I had quite possibly my most vivid, strongest yet. What caused it? an afternoon nap.

I remember noticing that I had three cellphones as opposed to my usual one. I then looked around and everything about my bedroom was slightly different to how it should be, all of a sudden it dawned upon me and I was completely and totally lucid. Everything then started to wobble and fall apart, i had the sensation that my eyes were opening in real life and i kept seeing flashes of my bedroom as it was IRL. (turns out this was a dreamscape too as my room was dark when i awoke but light when i thought i was waking up) so I struggled to keep myself focussed, I stared at my hands and then clenched my eyes shut until things stopped shaking.

Walking around was really hard, my legs felt as though they were made of concrete. I looked in a mirror and it loved how it kept warping and shifting, my face was like jelly. I then noticed a door that shouldn’t be there in the reflection, turned around and it wasn’t there any more. things started to wobble again so I looked at my hands again and remembered a suggestion someone told me years ago; I jabbed my finger through my palm. my skin stretched and pulled, split and warped. it was really, really strange. everything around me began to shake violently as I lost focus, i kept hearing garbled shouting sounds and then I awoke to the sound of people outside my window arguing.

What a shame it ended after only about 5mins, it was intense.

My quest is re-ignited.

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i actually remember more dreams from naps, i will take one tomorrow

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