Against Me! 100% grade-a awsome!!

This band has kind of a crazy mix of musical styles. Its, well… I don’t even know how to exlpian it. Its, i guess kinda grunge punkish with a bit of a cowboy feel to it. I know, Cowboy… what the hell is that. But trust me it rocks the house. I’m just tring to spread the word cause this band rocks ao incredably hard.
If you have any interest try to find these songs.
Deffenatly these three:
‘Jordans First Choice’
‘Reinventing Axl Rose’
‘Rice And Bread’

Other good ones:
‘Cavalier Eternel’
‘T.S.R. (this shit Rules)’
‘Sink, Florida, Sink’

I’m seeing against me! with rise against, anti-flag, and none more black. I like all of them so it will be a great show, I just hope I don’t break anything important, like my head, or my uhh…ya know.

you lucky bastard! Hey whats the tour called. Mayhapps they’ll stop somewhere in florida close enough for me to see them.

dont remember just go to anti-flag’s site or something, i saw it on rise against’s site though

good idea

HURRAY!!! their in west palm on feb. 20th!!! only $7 at the door. Thats only like an hour from me!!! Their not with anti-flag and those others though. Their with two other bands i’ve never heard of: Lucero and Grabass Charlestons. oh well it will still rock pretty hard, i’ll get stoned and dexed before i go. How much fun would a pit be on DXM!!!

Grabass Charlestons are good, dunno the other one though. And I’d think you would die or something in a pit on dxm. You would get your ass kicked and be on the ground so much.

i may get the shit kicked out of me but it’d be fun as hell. i’m sure my brother would do it with me too. anyway all the right components are there for DXM. Lots of people. people are fun when your dexing. loud music, a must. and lots of movement in the pit. COOOO !!! it’s ganna be sooooo much fun.